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Moving out. Called the land lord organization, and since I'm the last tenant before the renovation, everything anyone has left in this apartment is now mine (or at least my responsibility). People have left so much stuff here.

I just opened a cabinet I hadn't ever opened before, and it was full of bags and bottles of mystery liquids. There's also a bag with a note that says "powder" and it contains a solid lump of what probably was some sort of powder at some point.

Anyone know how to dispose of mystery liquids?
/edit: Someone explained it to me. Got rid of the mystery liquids.
/edit2: Oh man, there was a table or whatever that someone had left. I approached it wondering if it could be useful, and the moment I touched it, it fell apart. I decided to completely disassemble it for easier disposal, and there were some parts that had 2 different kinds of attachment ends, and some (not all :D ) were put in the wrong way and then held together with glue. I thought it was impossible to mess up building those Ikea-like "here are the pieces, assemble your furniture" things that badly :D
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I can imagine how my 24th will be again this year...

Getting meaningless gifts and a bit of money from the rest of my family, then going up to my PC, checking Steam deals while crying inside, wishing I could have a family of my own or at least I could celebrate it with my girlfriend who is only like 6000 miles away.

And then chatting and playing all evening, just like usual, and trying to not think too much about the bad things.

I'll get her the Skyrim DLC, though, so at least she'll be happy I'm there. That's kinda like celebrating together, I guess. Well, better than nothing.
Good god after 24 hours of traveling all I want is a shower and a bed but this hotel won't let me check in until my girlfriend gets here.

Have been looking like a hobo in this hotel lounge for 2 hours now.
Money's tight, girlfriend's bitchy.
I've never been happy, but I've also never been sadder than right now.
Not a great few weeks. Norovirus and then while recovering food poisoning, so horrible. I guess maybe my stomach was less able to break down whatever was in the food because of the weakening effect of the virus. Meat will cure me.

I also feel shitty because I can't afford to reciprocate that well with christmas presents because of my financial situation, and I know people have bought me nice gifts. I got everyone something at least but I still feel like a dick. At least I didn't give them norovirus I guess.
StingingVelvet: Good god after 24 hours of traveling all I want is a shower and a bed but this hotel won't let me check in until my girlfriend gets here.

Have been looking like a hobo in this hotel lounge for 2 hours now.
Well then the hotel your staying at right now sucks. Who do they think they are? Won't let someone take a nap and shower after 24 hours of traveling before seeing his woman?
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Was operated today. Now my toe hurts badly. Good thing is, if this goes well, my permanent pain will probably be gone.

EDIT: Just as I write the pain is mostly gone. So I wrote for nothing...
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I'm bored .
Let's just say that if it weren't for games, I wouldn't have much of a reason to get up in the morning.
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Change, some good, some bad.

Miss people I have known, more so at this time of year, and ways people and society were.

Many might not think they have missed much, but you might have just missed happiness; no big deal if you have never observed it.

Will have another drink, to pass time, and wish you all a great Christmas, or whatever you want to call the day.
Thinking too much and not doing enough. Happiness for the time being as i finally got the mobile number of someone i enjoy talking with a lot and like. Sad thing is she has a bf LOL. ah well :)
Found her on Facebook . Damn memories . :(
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Pissed because you can't even be nice anymore.

Years and years, I used to always go back to my old neighborhood and look for someone up the creek somehow.

I would do it at other times than the holidays, but always made it a point within a few days of Christmas every year, even if I had forgotten the others.

Year after year, I'd give someone a bag full of goodies that might make their lives a little easier. Age, sex, or race didn't matter; just that you were stuck in shit somehow, and that you might benefit directly, or through barter of the things that might be needed.

Decades went, without issue, but now come demands and "bum rushes" to try and exact more. Fat chance, as there was often more cash in the goods than I had left myself, and it became necessary to arm myself to insure my safety.

Don't want to shoot someone, making mistakes they are incapable of anticipating, but am then left with giving to only organized charities which always exact some kind of obedience or adherence to their philosophies to be helped; those that need most, don't get.

A mess I wish didn't exist, but guess I'll do as always.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, but world isn't exactly getting friendlier, or making it easier to be so.

Edit to add: Bum rushes came from extraneous individuals, not the principal.
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I am frustrated by how some people refuse help (possibly quite rudely even) and then later complain that no one helped them. I know some people who possess this trait, and while it really isn't a big deal on its own, it adds up over time, to the point that you just want to shout "Have you any idea how unreasonable that is!?" while making really frustrated hand gestures and then storm out of town wearing a poncho.