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paladin181: Last Saturday (the 1st) I seemingly tore the distal biceps tendon in my elbow (between the biceps and the ulna) while bowling.
I think I have a hernia. Had an ultrasound yesterday; waiting for results. As hard as it's made life, I'll actually be happy if it is a hernia. I can't take another fucking tumor.
Fairfox: welp paladin sorry 2 hear taht

but youve dun teh rite thang
plents of peeps dont seek immediate medicull attention an' so obvs they dont heal rite
an' then its 2 late
i kno from xperience! i mean kkz naht mah own buuut still i c'n it
; sumbody kicked a wall (i mean by mistake lolz!) an' i think borked foot buuut she left it
an' nao its liek major wonks always

i do understand taht 4 many teh mind oft. delves in2 worst case uuuh scenariuo then
its probs internal copin' strategy? idk meks sense

buuut yah youre doin' rite thang
tbh tendons heal rite its just a lll s-l-o-w izzle

also! i wud tilt head if your work did wut you say, liek short-term. i dont think they cud do taht
There are no medical or injury protections for termination unless I was actually injured at work.
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Feeling grumpy. This used machine installation is going decently enough, considering the thing is 20 years old. But it's really dusty / dirty / grimy, along with some rust that needs to be cleaned up. I get dirty enough on the job as it is, so this extra crap just makes me feel all grungy at the end of the day.

Fired up the machine and everything seemed to work. Then about 10 minutes later the PC rebooted itself. Uh... Then rebooted again. And again. And then just quit. Crap - not what I need. Opened it up, thinking maybe something came loose during shipping. Nope. But damn, the CPU heatsink is really hot. The dinkiest-ever cooling fan is toast. Need to conjure up a replacement from somewhere, quickly, so I can get this thing finished and then start training. I need to be out of here by Saturday latest. That'll be 2 weeks on the road, and stuff is starting to pile up back at the shop / office.
WTF Die Hard 3 ? I thought you were a cool, light-hearted action flick from 1995, and you feel the need to get all topical with Trump and Hillary presidency jokes ? Seriously ? What do you think this is, 2018 ?

Is there anywhere we can escape at all ?
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Have again and again system crashes when playing "Vikings: Wolves of Midgard" and don't know, why. First I thought it would be the PSU because crashes then also happened in "X3: Terran Conflict" and "Brigador". Changed the PSU with a new one of the same type but the crashes still happen in "Vikings". Controlled system temperature and checked for malware. Temps are ok and no malware found. Contacted support of and they gave me more tips and offered me a refund when support of Kalypso can't help me, too.
Yesterday I tried all tips and the game seem to run fine for a longer period of time. But then suddenly the crashes returned. Then tried to play X3TC and saw tearing in the background which I haven't seen like that before. Forced Vsync through AMD drivers and also set framelimit to 60 - my monitor doesn't support Freesync. Still tearing. Became afraid that the graphiccard was damaged. Cleaned the card, controlled whether all cables sits perfectly. Tried FurMark's 1080 preset. Nothing, everything runs fine. Temps even reach just 78°C. Then tested the CPU. Also no problems. Temps stayed around 40°C.

So what is the fucking problem? How is a game even able to crash a system? Shouldn't the OS prevent such things?
I'm fucking out of ideas and scared and frustrated because I can't find the fucking problem!
RAM tested?
Themken: RAM tested?
No, not yet.
It is really frustrating when the computer is just a little bit broken like that and you cannot find where the fault is.
Telika: The problem with having younger friends than you, is that you have to go with them (out of empathy and support) through the kind of shit that you hoped you wouldn't have to deal with ever again.

The problem with having older friends than you, is that they tend to die before you.

The problem with having friends of the same age as you is that they are boring.
AlKim: Or you can go through IVF, in which case you'll need so much support and will be so boring that your friends wish you were dead already.
Assuming that the doctor doesn't refuse for religious or other BS reasons.
I don't drink and I have a hangover!!!

YouTube showed me a vertical ad. On my computer.

tinyE: I don't drink and I have a hangover!!!

Too much salt in the food you ate yesterday? I stopped drinking (alcohol, not stopped drinking liquids at all or I wouldn't be here writing this) but when I've ate something that's got too much salt in it, the effect is the same as alcohol causing a hangover: the water that's being extracted by either alcohol or salt from you bodily system, gives you a headache. Me it does any way. I can feel remorseful about having eaten too much salt in the same way I could feel remorseful about having too much to drink the night before.