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Monitor just stopped working, so I need to get a new one.

(Using an older monitor with lower resolution and no audio for the moment.)
dtgreene: Monitor just stopped working, so I need to get a new one.

(Using an older monitor with lower resolution and no audio for the moment.)
That's bad luck but the bright side is even if you yell no one here can hear you.
tinyE: I don't mind being tracked down and killed, I just don't dig being told about it.
HereForTheBeer: You probably should not have kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter
I'm kind of serious but that was funny. XD
Tauto: nvm.
haha. +1 to that
Tauto: nvm.
HereForTheBeer: haha. +1 to that
dt has no sense of humor.
FFS Leeds, just sacked another one after 16 matches? If you get Bielsa then it's a masterstoke, if not who in the right mind wants to come to us?

I am so fucking demotivated because of my own stupidity and constant setbacks.

I've been unemployed for year and half now, first year being purely of my fault due lack of focus and no real aim. Last six months has been hard fighting, but every application dies for "lack of experience" or no proper reason and promised internship was pulled off by the employer earlier this year.

And my eagerness to learn how to code (again, with focus on Javascript and it's libraries) has taken a slight setback after asking help from my friends for my first project. Thing was, that code was essentially destroyed and re-written in "proper" way and I've been "suffering" because I can't arse to start my second project - I feel I should do it in a way they showed me (and I understand the perks and meaning of their way) but though I can understand it, I can't replicate it. So, I try to learn and search more rather than coding myself.

So currently my only option is to work at postage - doing same work as I've done many years earlier and I just can't fucking arse. I'd rather do anything closer to my line of education (especially since I rekindled my interest towards web development) or rather, anything else which is closer to my choice of line. Anything but postage work. But here I am, fearing that if I accept postage work I'll stay there 'till I die as I've given up and stopped fighting on what I want.

And the worst part? I am not angry because of unemployment. I am frustrated because I've done nothing interesting in last year-and-half. No traveling, no interesting hobbies, nothing. Just single minded aim at getting a job I'm currently interested and seeking employment on it above all else.

And it's eating me.


Anyway, today I'll make some burgers and get some beer so I can at least unwind myself after being rejected twice in one day. Maybe I'll find some truth tomorrow or on Sunday.

Thanks, have a good weekend GoG.
You have a good weekend unwinding and resting. Many people are in your position right now I'm sure, not really knowing where to find direction in this loony world with its often artificial societal demands pushed upon you.

Pondering these things a lot myself, I figure it's all about finding your niche and not listening to what others think you ought to be doing, if it's not what drives you in the first place. Staying true to yourself, is what I mean to be saying, sounds cliché, but is clearly one of the most important guidance factors if you want to be content with how you live your life.
Had a nice Halfling Shadowblade in Tales of Maj'eyal and lost him to stupidity in the sands. That was not fun. Now I'm laying here typing at my laptop with my balls getting cooked by the heat of it... I don't plan on having kids anyway.
chevkoch: ...
I mean, your advice is not wrong, but feel I'm already doing all that's written there. I got an aim, I got the ambition, I got the means to do so. But then, there's this one word which grates me.

Tuloksellisuus. Results. Or more like lack-of-results.

I do stuff but I see no real progress on any of them; I am still unemployed, not on the line of choice what I want etc.

So I should do more, right? Double down work, no fun stuff, no life outside of work?

Well that's not life either and even I understand it. So result is that I feel like I bang my head against the wall without any good progress anywhere.

Deeper sigh.

Still, the silver lining is that situation is better than it was last year so by all it's easier to continue from here. Still, the lack of results on all things grates me.

Thanks from the answer tho.
Palvikinkku: So I should do more, right? Double down work, no fun stuff, no life outside of work?
Not necessarily.

Since it has been a while - and it sounds like you're putting a lot of effort into it - I don't think I'd treat it as more than an actual job. 8 hours a day, give yourself time on evenings and weekends, etc. Burnout can happen without a job, and maybe that's the direction you're headed. So give yourself a break, step back a little, take a fresh look at things, and most of all get your mind working at least part of the time on something else completely different. That might help you gain clarity or a different perspective, and that could ultimately lead to the decisions necessary to get you where you want to be. Shoot, it might even show you another path completely different from the one you're on. No telling where things will lead, but it seems like you need to step back a bit, at least for a while.

Best of luck.
that asshole, who claims to be good friends with Tauto, is now sending me death threats.

I guess it's time to call the police.
Palvikinkku: So I should do more, right? Double down work, no fun stuff, no life outside of work?
Maybe like HereForTheBeer above, I'm in the opposite corner here, with what I was aiming at in my post earlier. Traveling, experiencing something new for a bit could help you unplug and get you clarity for a fresh start. If that is what you'd think you would enjoy and hopefully have the means for. Even shorter trips to fairly inexpensive places could have a rejuvenating effect.

Also, don't beat yourself up about things. Good luck, in any case.
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tinyE: that asshole, who claims to be good friends with Tauto, is now sending me death threats.
You could report him to Elcook (if it's not him, I mean). Just to enjoy his answer.

On my side, I live under the threat of Rimworld, looming in the bushes waiting to leap at my life and swallow it whole. Fortunately, it's still behind a safe paywall and early access status.
To my stalker

I know whoever you are you're reading this and I'm serious. You aren't leaving me much of a choice. I've already made a few calls as to who I can contact regarding what you are doing and what can be done to stop you. I get one more threat and that's it, I act, and Tauto I''ll be reporting you along with him because he specifically names you in these threats, so now might be a good time for you to have a talk with him and tell him to stop because I know you don't want it going this far. You're a troll, not a criminal, which is what he is now and he is dragging you along with him.
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