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Nicole28: snip
let's forget it
Nicole28: snip
ne_zavarj: let's forget it
Okay, I hope you will feel better eventually. All the best!
Looks like I'm finally reaching the point where work sucks, coming home from work sucks, getting up in the morning sucks, basically all is getting one giant drag from one place I don't want to be to the next one.

Besides... What's some decent way to express "God dammit would you please just let me unwind for some period of time after I come home from work before you smother me with all kind of 'exciting' information about your day!"... Apparently it is considered selfish and a general bad character trait for a guy to want some peace and quiet. I work hard to get away from the stereotypical "guy that does not listen" but I'm just not always as excited as I'm ought to be.
I've exams coming real soon, but I'm having trouble studying. I sit down, decide to start studying, and before I know it, I'm eating ice cream and watching Hayate no Gotoku.

/edit: an hour later: AAARGH! back to studying..
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My turn again: The sales on my internet cafe slowed down because of the holidays. 50% less, and i have debts to pay. To make things worse, a cute girl I was starting to date is going out of town for the holidays, to the beach with her family, and she wont return until january. :(
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Mini end of job party. Had two drinks. Was pretty plastered. Sleepy. Lazy.Sprawled. Workmates thought was pretty funny. I don't generally like drinking especially beer but thought why the heck not. Uuhhhhhhhh i love the false confidence (Hello to all the ladies i said hello to and winked at and checked out today hahahahahhahah). Wish that confidence was always there for real :/
Just found out that our jobs worktime system hadnt logged my holiday in summer time -> thus I got "slight" adjustment of -165h to my hour saldo fuuuu....
* tired *

I'm working from 6.30 AM to 4.30 PM throughout the week and i'm only get paid after 5 hours work / day .
Girl got in an accident... fuck. It's one problem after another!
My cat ate my muffin... I liked that muffin... RIP Bob...
thomasni123: My cat ate my muffin... I liked that muffin... RIP Bob...
Is Bob the cat or the muffin?
thomasni123: My cat ate my muffin... I liked that muffin... RIP Bob...
StingingVelvet: Is Bob the cat or the muffin?
Both... ;)
I went and flunked an exam. Haven't ever flunked an exam before. Interesting.
At least I learned a valuable lesson. Keeping yourself awake with coffee so you can study through the whole night and then going into a 4 hour exam gives you a funny feeling in the head.
I'm applying for both life and disability insurance policies and got a phone call to do a medical background interview. "This will take about 20 minutes..." That's the first sign this is going to be a colossal PITA. Start with some basic questions, and then they get into work stuff for disability (it's based on income):

"How much have you made this year?" Right off the top of my head? I don't know. Lemme put you on hold while I call my accountant.

"What was your income the last two years?" If I didn't know the first one right away, what are the odds I know the answer to that one? And didn't I already answer these questions on the <drumroll> questionnaire I filled out? Why don't you look at that? Mine is filed away somewhere...

"Tell us about your hospital visits for the last seven years" Okay, scratching my head to remember dates. "Who did you see?" Some guy in a white coat, with that stethosomething hanging around his neck; I think his first name is "Doctor", though he sometimes goes by "Sir". "What medications were you using, for how long, and at what dose?" Pain killers, until the pain went away, at whatever dose was needed to kill the aches and pains. "What was your ailment that caused you to visit the doctor?" Stomach flu. "Is the issue resolved?" No, I've had this stomach flu since 2005. Can't seem to shake it...

I don't mean to be less than helpful, but seriously? How about sending me an email, a few days BEFORE you call, letting me know exactly what info you're looking for? And then instead of calling me, I can simply email that correct info back to you, on my free time, and not clog up 20-30 minutes during the day when I'm trying to get my work done. Oh, and since you've asked for (and received) authorization to look into my medical history, why don't you save ALL of my time and go ahead and do exactly that? If you're not going to use the authorization, then why ask for it?
About to go break up with someone I've been seeing, who I really like, because they are in love with someone else. The story of my life is poor timing.

If anyone knows of a nice hole in the ground, I'm in need.
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