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A short video of the merging track finally working without any problems :

Every now and again I'd come back to the merging track and see it had backed up, and I finally discovered the culprit: when the merging is done after a 90 degree turn, then naturally the two sides reaches their turns at different speeds. This causes different slowdowns for the two sides, and slightly affects the time it takes for the two to reach the final merging junction. So all that was needed to was to put down two waypoints, with a speed limit in between corresponding to the max speed of the turn in tracks, and to make sure that the 2nd waypoint is far enough along the track so that both trains have the same acceleration beyond it.
Lost in Space ...aka Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

So much for playing through TR: AoD without distractions. *shakes fist at GOG* =P Yup, this one's pretty fun still especially with some of the bigger fire fights between the crew and enemies. That jittery, janky, stiff character animation though; at least I get a good laugh out of the 3D puppet show. ;)
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I might be overstaying my welcome in Sleeping Dogs. I can't help myself: nothing but fun and trouble being tossed my way! :)

I experimented with gunpoint photography. Witnessed someone being force-fed a human ear. Got slammed into by a cop car so hard that it sent me flying through a secret rip in the city, landing me beneath the map itself! For a brief moment, I assumed the role of doctor and hacker, simultaneously. I was even hunted down by a clan of highway hitmen on motorbikes. Great gameplay!
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Some more screens from Prey(2006)
(or as I call it sometimes: the adventures of chief lovestowhine)

1. So I met my ghost (grand)dad, and ghost birb(who also translates better than a babel fish....when he chooses to, that is).

2. They give me possibly the most stereotypical weapon ever....and then I get snapped back to reality, oops here comes gravity.

3. I get a better game weapon later on......and set off some alarms in the process.

4. After some scarrrry ghosts and some other creepy stuff, I enter what is possibly Mc Escher's idea of a fun time......and in the process the MC loses his lunch.

5. But no worries....the aliens brought the entire bar with them, so Tommy can probably still get himself a nice cold one.
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...Prey(2006) continued...

6. The aliens decide to reenact the movie 'Final Destination', to the dismay of the game NPCs onboard said conveyance.

7. "Remember where we parked!"

8. Art Bell comes back to grace our PC screens once again(one of my fave bits of the game is the Art Bell bits).

9. Tommy comes across more creepy stuff, as he comes across what is clearly NOT the tour bus of the Blue Man Group.

10. And later on, we finally get yet another new weapon as Tommy downs what seems to be the cyberdemon's slower cousin.
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Mr.Mumbles: Last Encore by Core feat. Lara Croft ...aka Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
Hmmm, you're making me think perhaps I should give it a proper go as well. I mostly avoided it because of its reputation, and a very lackluster demo. I do remember thinking it looked very nice at the time.
Matewis: I mostly avoided it because of its reputation, and a very lackluster demo.
Well, it does have its oddities like this weird stamina system that you have to build up by pushing/pulling certain things or traversing a rope/cable in order to being able to progress through doorways, push extra heavy blocks, or climb further along walls. For the most part though, if you were fine playing previous entries by Core Design it doesn't play all that differently.
after a forced reinstallation for windows ( don't ask ) and the hilarious situation where i could not couple the sudden case without any lighting ( HD led , power button led ) to the change i made earlier in the bios where i shut of something ( i thought it was the aura system turned out later i enabled STEALTH mode :O ) rome 2 saves where lost due to not checking the cloud save option.

i could not find any motivation for further traveling down the known path and therefore booted another of my 4x banes DWU ....... ( room for shocked public reactions )

My blooming new democracy after failing games as an usurpator, a king, a federation and a mushroom sense of philadradic connection

edit :

screen is a bit weird due to overwriting the dpi scale for better readable fonts in game
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Finally finished my third playthrough of Pillars of Eternity after a long break from RPGs in overall. The game really shines when it comes to story, writing and character creation. The character development system is nowhere near as good as the one from Pillars of Eternity 2 though. This time my main character was a Druid and it wasn't as entertaining as playing as a Cipher. Obsidian did a great job when designing this class. It's unique abilities really make a change, especially if you're using a fast, two weapon fighting build. This time I lacked the firepower to take down the dragons unfortunately. Druid is not as good and Grieving Mother wasn't able to be as effective Cipher as my main from the previous playthrough. Maybe I made some mistakes in character development this time as the game was a lot harder than I remember it. Anyway it's over now and I've decided to continue playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker from a 10 month old save. :D
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15 years have passed and the democracy has threefolded in size, many things happenend, from with enemy spies collaborating scientists to planets lost to piracy and a whole empire spanning economic crisis due to an increasing amount of pirate raids that destabilized the peacefull adaptation of humanity build during the first few years of this exiting new chance to live in this galaxy.
quickly raised commitee's designed to battle the economic crisis soon found the conclusive answer that only defense of the assets vital to the living standards in this republic could be considered a long term solution thus leading to a rushed design strategy where the needs and wants where molded into shape that could prolongate life expectancy for the commitee in service of defense of manhood
2 succesfull designs where quickly found that turned the tides for the disarray in both service and common acceptance. With proud the navy, before nothing more then a sugar coated mercenary force conditioned with a permanent closed eye for the pirate partners that used to protect the rim of society, presented the Assault Carrier destroyer class " Shiva " and the Missile Cruiser class "Apex" to the public. Fast and Sleek, outfitted with all the new modern marvels such as state of the art damage control systems, hyperfast travel capabilities and the newest range of cloud quantum computers it wasn;t for long that victories against the vicious pirate raiders are now more of a common commodity then a rare luxury.

Lets see how the coming 15 years will fare the magnificent Democracy of TonD
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Just finished Wasteland 2 DC.
w2dc14a.jpg (488 Kb)
w2dc16a.jpg (484 Kb)
w2dc17a.jpg (496 Kb)
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Finally managed to get a full screenshot. This only took a couple of mouse clicks through 2 apps, both called image resizer for windows. This fits the Distant Worlds Universe bill nicely! It took me a couple of years but, now, I'm able to use the integrated database!

Not too much to add otherwise, another 15 years have passed and the Tond democracy exploded, taking a good middle placed spot in the rankings. Not too bad for only early failed attempts prior to this one.
Space Marines... aka Star Trek: Elite Force 2

While it's true that the first Elite Force game could make for an actual episode, its plot really is the only thing superior over the sequel. EF 2 is vastly superior as an actual game. The overall gameplay is more fun and varied (EF1's levels tend to be quite bland and often feature only one enemy type), the AI teammates are actually worth a damn (the player doesn't have to wait forever for their previous slowpoke shuffle, they don't get constantly stuck on shit, and they're actually somewhat useful in killing stuff), and its presentation is a huge step up (with a far diminished herky-jerky 3D puppet show).
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It called going to the toilet, It's a lovely toilet seat don't you think?
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Ain't she a beauty? :)