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Wake up - get both of his terrific adventures 90% off!

<span class="bold">Alan Wake</span>'s desperate search for his missing wife and <span class="bold">Alan Wake's American Nightmare</span> quickly became two of our all time favorite horror stories. Now Alan needs to step away, perhaps curl up someplace nice with one of his hit books, until it's time for him to come back. Due to licensing issues with the game's music, on Monday 17:00 PM UTC the original Alan Wake will be removed from sale everywhere. American Nightmare is NOT affected by this in any way.
If you haven't tried his fascinating action/adventures yet, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up, because for the next 48 hours both games are 90% off!

So let us now point our flashlights skywards as an au revoir to our favorite author and hope that someday we'll meet again.

The 90% discount on both <span class="bold">Alan Wake</span> and <span class="bold">Alan Wake's American Nightmare</span> lasts until May 15th, 17:00 PM UTC.
Alan Wake will not be available for purchase after that time but all owners of the game will still have access to it as normal.
PromZA: I am pretty sure that there's a separate field or at least a code in the price field(s) to indicate a game can't be purchased. But this being GoG where a regional title redirects to the store page instead of giving a message it's not available leaving one to wonder if something is broken the probable answer here is that they can't be bothered. They also probably don't want people asking questions and if/when a game can be purchased.
Grargar: I am pretty sure that a game that can't be purchased will be labelled as "upcoming". So far, I can't remember a single instance of a game without a price that was labelled as something else. After all, we're talking about the store that automatically labels any game without a price (visible or not) as "free".
That's probably because it's marked as 0.00, which could cost them down the line if a game is released without being updated, or it's NaN which some systems will interpret as zero if not properly updated. I can't think of a scenario where you can have a differentiation on price alone that will allow for both "free" and "upcoming" but available and "upcoming" but unavailable. Then there's "preorder" and "in development". That there are no labels for anything else is because GoG has never bothered with displaying any other codes and just prevents it from being viewed altogether. But there has to be other codes for these or the system will break.
lostwolfe: copyright stupidity strikes again.

[this is about the songs in the game losing their licenses, not about the game itself.]

i know big companies would hate it, but we really, really need to do something about the current copyright system, because it is ridiculous.
MarkoH01: And what exactly could we do? I don't know if it is the same with games but at least in movies/series the reason for licensing problems often is the music industry wanting their share and demanding a much too high license fee. If this should be the case with games as well I don't see how someone could prevent this since there is not much you can do against greed.
i agree that greed is the problem.

and the only way to solve that problem is to get copyright changed so that licenses work very differently. i feel like the way it SHOULD work is: once you've stuffed your song into a game, you have licensed that work to that game in perpetuity. you should NEVER have the ability to rescind that license. [because that just breaks the experience for paying customers and would be customers.]
Sarang: Can someone enlighten me WHY so many musicians I like freeze me out of being able to pay for this option?! 16/44 is NOT good enough when it's recorded at 24/96 or 24/192.
i would go out on a limb and say "because that's as close as they have to the masters/originals" and they don't want that out in the wild in case you decide to make "your own pressing."

[it's still dumb. but it's just more unsurprising greed.]
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Just for information it is back.
Edit: I mean the game. The Game is back.
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Korotan: Just for information it is back.
Gah, here I thought it was leaving again.
Korotan: Just for information it is back.
Themken: Gah, here I thought it was leaving again.
Exactly. My initial reaction was: Wait...Again?
Licensing issues again?
Well, this necro was some expert level trolling! :-)
Niggles: Licensing issues again?
What they come up with some deal for the sound track to bring it back. Weird its back all of a sudden.