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To make it a bit more fun for everyone, I'm letting you guys pick the 2 team mates that fight alongside Cloud.

Here's where you can vote
It's that time again... DARK SOULS

This time I was in the middle of being ambushed... then I got invaded!!
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It's the second to last episode of LBA now

Tonight we finally save our girlfriend and destroy Funfrock's base
FF7 time!

We learn more about the relationship between Cloud and Tifa and get all ready for our next mission
A double header of sorts from Dark Souls tonight. All is explained at the start but we kill another boss and more...
This is it everyone, the finale of Little Big Adventure.

We finish off Funfrock once and for all and then enjoy some lovely cut scenes and celebrations
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Hey guys, I'm going live right now for my blind playthrough of Dark Souls. Pop in, say hello, fire random questions at me or just laugh at me dying lots!
Thanks everyone who hopped in the live stream last night, it was my biggest stream in terms of number of viewers by quite a long way, had 18 viewers a lot of the time. We made some cracking progress in the game too, I breezed through Blighttown (no where near as hard as everyone said) and killed another TWO bosses, plus Havel aswell. I'll be doing a little recap at the beginning of my next episode in case you missed the stream (although obviously you can go scan through the live stream too if you prefer)


More FF7 action tonight guys!

Another boss and our first meeting with president Shinra before Cloud goes for a big fall
Dark Souls is back and boy does this guy needs to see a dentist!!
Tonight we meet a sweet little flower girl who will become one of the most unforgettable characters in the whole game


I'm thinking of doing another old PC classic/GOG game on the channel... what would people prefer...

7th Guest
Day of the Tentacle
Dungeon Keeper

Or something else?
Come and have a laugh at my first time in Sen's Fortress.

It makes Blighttown look like a walk in the park!

Tonight I'm playing the demo for LOCO, the very first creation of two new indie game developers called MegaSloth

It's a 2D musical platformer and it looks really great
Back to good old FF7 tonight and we're back with a bang... some good old cross dressing
FF7 version from steam?
DreamedArtist: FF7 version from steam?
I don't suppose you're asking cos you've spotted it looks better than the original PS1 version? If so, you're the first person to have noticed (or mentioned it anyway) after hundreds of views!

I'm playing it on a PS1 emulator so it is the original game but I have a plugin for the emulator that enhances the graphics of certain games. All the characters just 'pop' a bit more and just look a bit better than the original. If you're interested the plugin is called Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU

P.S. I do own the original game (I show it off at the start of Ep1) just this version looks better and it's a massive pain recording from a PS1.