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DreamedArtist: FF7 version from steam?
ScouseMouse180: I don't suppose you're asking cos you've spotted it looks better than the original PS1 version? If so, you're the first person to have noticed (or mentioned it anyway) after hundreds of views!

I'm playing it on a PS1 emulator so it is the original game but I have a plugin for the emulator that enhances the graphics of certain games. All the characters just 'pop' a bit more and just look a bit better than the original. If you're interested the plugin is called Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU

P.S. I do own the original game (I show it off at the start of Ep1) just this version looks better and it's a massive pain recording from a PS1.
interesting, I need to check that plugin out. yeah it looks almost as good as the steam version if not identical. man you should play ff8 haha the playthough would be 600+ episodes of you drawing mana from monsters. lol
Yeah it had been years since I'd played FF7 so I didn't notice the difference until I had a look at this version alongside the original and it's a pretty huge difference. FF8 is actually one of the few I haven't finished so I deffo wanna play it at some point.


You've seen me fail at Sen's Fortress in epic fashion. Now watch me crush it!

First time I've beat a boss first go!
We gotta stop Shinra destroying an entire town just to take out our hideout and we gotta do it QUICK!

Is it gonna cost us one of our team mates though?
It seemed like a good idea at the time to try and sneak past a huge sleeping dragon...
Grab a drink and get settled down for some FF7 fun

Two things are happening tonight. We're storming the Shinra HQ and we're gonna recruit a new team member, don't miss it!
Goodbye Valley of Drakes, it's back off to Anor Londo for a reunion with our sun bro Solaire
We're escaping Shinra HQ and tonight we've got THREE boss battles in 1 ep!
It's what EVERYONE has been waiting for.

Me taking on the hardest boss battle in the game... ORNSTEIN & SMOUGH