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Well World Mental Health Day seems like a good day to start my blind playthrough of what is supposed to be an epic and very tough indie platformer that tackles a lot mental health issues

CELESTE peeps! I love it already, so much fun, and a brilliant soundtrack
Made some decent progress in Bloodborne here after a whole lot of pain and boulders being dropped on my head
We're back in Luigi's Mansion taking on another boss and I'm sad to say the zero death run is finally over :(
Join me in Celeste for chapter 2 as we delve deeper and get a taster of the dark side of Madeline...
Rage levels hit 9000 as I face the same boss AGAIN for the 3rd episode in a row!

Dark Souls 3 is killing me atm
Bendy and the Ink Machine blind playthrough starts here

Super cool art style plus it's nice and spooky for the lead up to Halloween
Yo Bloodborne is in the house and it's time for me to redeem myself after the last 2 episodes. I'm back with a double boss kill
Yo peeps, chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine is up and things are getting even more scary!
We continue our quest up Celeste Mountain tonight with a stop off at a spooky hotel

It's a long episode tonight cos I'm sticking to 1 chapter per video (there are 7 chapters) but I'm told this one is the longest chapter of them all
As Halloween is approaching we are nearing the end of Luigi's Mansion and tonight I finally find Mario!
We're almost there now Boris! Here's chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 5 releases tomorrow and I will record it asap. Soon we'll now the secret of Bendy
Boom, making some solid progress in Luigi's Mansion now

Swiped all of Mario's missing items and we take a trip to the fortune teller