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It's been a while since we took Isaac for a run. Gotta take out some poison pods today and prep for a huge boss
Happy Saturday people, hope you're having a good day!

Get yourself a drink then come and join me as we walk into a Hornet's nest in Hollow Knight
This is it guys, the Dark Souls 2 breakthrough. I'm only running at 50% rage levels today and feel like I've finally made proper progress!

It may involve a floating knight that likes to crush things

Here begins our journey to collect 4 huge materias to try and save the planet
Good evening all

We're going live RIGHT NOW to put an end to Cuphead once and for all

Come and watch me to take down King Dice and the Devil with ease ...
Nothing like a huge asteroid spewing boss to spice up an episode

Time to take on the Leviathan!
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All sorts going on in today's Hollow Knight, a new boss, a new charm shop, and a fly named after my cat, Sly

P.S. We're only 5 subs from the big 500 now so big shout out to all you fantastic supporters of the channel
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Evening all!

I've just gone live with the beginning of our blind playthrough of DARKSIDERS. I'm told it's like 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time for adults' which can only be a great thing!

Also we're at 498 subs so feel free to bring all your friends along and hopefully we can smash through 500 subs on this stream
Hope you're all having a wonderful evening!

Here is my 500 subscriber Q&A special with a little added bonus

If you're a subscriber then please don't miss it cos there's something there for you
Bet you've never seen 25 deaths in one! I'm sure you want to find out what 25 deaths in one actually looks like...

Check out Emma's masterful editing and enjoy my Dark Souls 2 pain as we come across another 'fun' boss.
We're back on the hunt for more huge materia and the hunt leads us to a real time strategy style mini game and a majestic Condor
Sending out an SOS

We've killed the mother alien now we gotta get the hell of this ship!
I am loving Dark Souls 2 SO much, maybe even more than I did the start of DS1, can't stop playing it so the episodes are gonna come thick and fast

Got one for you right here where we delve deeper into the maze that is the Lost Bastille, and there's another one coming in a few days
Here is the PRIZE DRAW ANNOUNCEMENT so come along and check if you're the winner of a Cuphead Devil vinyl!!

I know it's tempting but please try to avoid announcing the winner or congratulating the winner (at least for a bit) just so you don't spoil it for others
Here it is, my first ever Top 5 video - The top 5 influential games of my life.

A lot of time and effort went into this video, so I would really appreciate if you'd take the time to give me any feedback to make the next top 5 even better, and if you wanna share it with friends that would be fantastic

Let me know in the comments what you think of my picks. What would you have included?