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So happy to share my latest collab with you as BirdAlert tries to... BEAT THE MOUSE!

Really happy with how this turned out, and looking forward to doing more vids with Bird
I think I may have just awakened the end of game boss...

Only in Chrono Trigger could you go back in time 65 million years and fight a big black dinosaur!
Time to become a street fighter in Shenmue 2 as we take to the streets of Hong Kong
Here is my first ever unboxing video - a Nintendo Switch game on release day

The retro classic, Flashback, has been remastered exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. I've had it pre-ordered for ages and today it was delivered.

Here is me unboxing the 25th anniversary collector's edition and in a few hours I'll be uploading episode 1 of a full playthrough of it. Really looking forward to seeing how much it's been updated from the original
Hey everyone you've seen the unboxing earlier, which btw has 100+ views already in a few hours!!! Now it's time to actually see the game in action

Here's episode 1 of Flashback on the Nintendo Switch
Rob from Twisted Bard Gaming created 5 Mario Maker levels for me and here's my attempts at them

I created 5 levels for him to complete too, link in my description if you wanna see those too
What is going on in Chrono Trigger... we've been throwing in prison again!!
Hey ladies and gents, I'm back live streaming Majora's Mask and today we're climbing the snowy mountain to reach the 2nd dungeon

You're all invited to come along for a friendly chat and some Zelda fun
It's a whopper of an Shenmue 2 episode tonight but it really is the one episode you CANNOT miss. We finally come face to face with our father's killer, Lan Di
Flashback on the Nintendo Switch is rapidly becoming the most viewed video on my whole channel so here is episode 2 if you've been waiting

Time for some Total Recall style memory implants
Back for more rage in Geometry Dash, yay!!!

I do my first viewer submitted level today and take a stab at completing the final level cos that sounds like a good idea!
I got trolled by a troll tonight in Flash on the Nintendo Switch

Time to try and gain entry into the most deadly game show around... Death Tower
Calling all you Chrono Trigger fans, I might need your help

I think I've stumbled into the end of game boss too early...
Back with more Flashback tonight on the Nintendo Switch.

We're taking on the deadliest game show in town... Death Tower!
Here is the penultimate episode of Shenmue 2 guys, we're nearly fully caught up with this epic story and tonight I'm gonna introduce you to the girl I've been dreaming of