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Yo yo yo!

Time for some icy escapades in DONKEY KONG COUNTRY
Gaming noob question...

I'm thinking about playing Sonic Mania but all I see everywhere on Steam comments and all over FB and forums etc is something about it not being DRM free and it having Denuvo... I know vvv little about either of those things lol.

Do they make any actual difference to the gameplay at all? All I wanna do is play it on my PC where I'll always be connected to the internet/steam etc. I don't plan on trying to pirate it obviously, so should I even care?

Seems like the Steam comments are full of people saying 'amazing game blah blah but it's got Denuvo so I'm down voting it', just doesn't make sense to me, what's the big deal?
I know a lot of very vocall people hate Denuvo, but I can only talk about my own experience with it. I own some (around a dozen?) games on Steam that have Denuvo, but the only way I know it's there is through being told by other people. It's completely unnoticeable to me and it's never caused me a single problem.

You asked in the right place though, as GOG is ground zero for the anti-DRM movement. People here will certainly tell you what's wrong with it :P
Can't say I quite know as I've been simply avoiding games with DRM for some time now—unless they're basically given away.

I have read that it can get in the way of fan made mods and patches, which is something of a staple of PC gaming culture (fans "improving" and adding to games they like) [EDIT: this could also mess with game preservation, if the source code gets lost]. I have also heard some claim that it creates an overhead which might slow down a game (reduced fps and the like), though judging by how many people use it without complaints it would seem the effect is maginal at best/worst.

Other than that, I don't know. To me, the worst aspect of DRM (unless it installs some kind of maleware style bullshit on your computer) is that it allows publishers to nerf the game after you have purchased it. For instance, they removed songs from some GTA games, and removed the console in Two Worlds 2 in order to introduce a microtransation store which provided the player with similar services (but now for money). Of course the publishers might still do so on GOG, but at least here I can have an old copy stored away on a hard drive.
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Ok well all of that sounds fairly harmless. I was only worried because I've heard people mention about it being potentially harmful to hardware.

I asked this question somewhere else and this was one of the responses.

"Of course it not a fatal thing or computer destroyer but according to the internet DRM continuously decodes the game code into memory and encrypts it's back. So hard disks and SSD's are under threat"

I'm not bothered about it not having an offline mode, I'll be sat there on my PC, online always and playing it while I record videos, so all I care about is that I can play it smoothly and safely. I've got a pretty expensive PC and don't wanna risk damaging anything.
It's been ages since I've uploaded one of these so I dunno if anyone on here even knows what they are.

I do a series called Tricky Trials where I get viewers to send me challenges to complete, little parts of games that they've always found really hard. It could be a really tough boss like Emerald Weapon in FF7 or a really tough level like Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads, then I do a video completing it and hopefully offering a few tips on how to do it yourself, and I give that person a shout out for suggesting it.

Today someone asked me to do the first boss on Streets of Rage 3 (Shiva) on the hardest difficulty.
A big revelation in tonight's episode if you've never played Beneath A Steel Sky before!

Are we finally gonna find out who Overmann is?
We're heading into the final stretch now of Donkey Kong Country now. There's only gonna be 1 more episode after this I think before we finish it.

Time for a little dip in Poison Pond
Hey guys, I'm looking for some opinions.

I bought PUBG recently and I was wondering if you think people would be interested in watching a live stream of a total PUBG noob (me) playing it for the first time ever?

It seems like a lot of people like that whole blind playthrough/watching someone learn from scratch kinda thing... and I'd very much be learning from scratch, I've barely even seen it on videos or anything.

My only concern is that I'm gonna be totally useless obviously, that might be fun for a bit but I'm worried that I'm gonna get annihilated every time I come across another player which won't be much fun if I just keep dying and have to enter new games. How long do you think it would take for an average gamer to get to a point where I have a chance of not getting hammered in every firefight?
So I couldn't resist! I HAD to play the new Sonic Mania.

I've avoided all the hype and spoilers, we're going in totally blind, so you'll see everything for the first time as I do.
It feels like it's been a while but here's the latest instalment of Lands of Lore. Tonight we make King Richard's elixir! Now to kill the old witch Scotia...
We're getting really far in Beneath a Steel Sky now, there's new twists in every episode.

The deeper we dig into our past, the dirtier things get!
We've nearly finished all of the games that we're playing on the channel right now so very soon I'm gonna start these THREE new games...

Dark Souls
Little Big Adventure

But before we get on to that... It's time for some more Sonic Mania!

Tonight we're doing the Chemical Plant and Studiopolis.
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Tonight it's time to finish off Donkey Kong Country. End of game boss time!

Turns out I'm gonna manage to do it while still being useless and not being able to master that rolling jump thing.
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