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Going live right now, for some Expert mode Cuphead, tonight we get the full 200% ... just King Dice stands in our way

Gonna be a short, chilled stream tonight so come join the fun
The poor little chocobos are in danger!! and what is Seymour up to...

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster coming at ya again
Bloodborne is full of trolls and traps... and we meet the 2nd boss :D

OMG I love this game so much!
Oh boy, they really throw the jump scares at you in this part of Dark Souls 3

Make sure you're ready for it...
How strong is Seymour? Tonight in Final Fantasy X we're gonna find out as we take control of him in a boss fight against Sinspawn
Heyyyy Bloodborne is back and this time Papa G is going down!
Right now I'm doing my first ever speedrun, it's on a live stream AND it's one of the hardest games around!

I'm gonna 100% Cuphead as fast as I can AND for anyone struggling with the game I'm gonna be giving all my tips and advice to make the game go a bit smoother!
Come with me to discover the secrets of Yharnam as we boss our way through the streets and discover a secret passage
Come join me right now as I continue our blind playthrough on live stream of BOTW

Tonight I'm facing my first Divine Beast, can't wait
Here is a little video to celebrate and to thank you for hitting 1000 subscribers.

Stay tuned to see some fantastic 1000 sub themed fan art, the release of our first ScouseMouse T-shirts AND a little giveaway
Final Fantasy X is back and I'm gonna show you how to do the Djose Temple super easy and pick up a new lightning aeon called Ixion
Welcome to the 2nd Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 3... and double mimic hell
Been excited for this for AGES... right now I'm live streaming my blind playthrough of Bloodborne

Come along for some friendly chat or join in for a bit of jolly co-op
Time for a great blast from the past!!

Fox McCloud is back with a Star Fox game that holds up really well... Lylat Wars or Star Fox 64 if you're from the US
Something outrageous happens in Dark Souls 3 today... I get invaded then cheesed cos I get trapped under a giant's armpit! Not a nice experience