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The dark vision of the future from the two first Terminator films has come true - the war between mankind and the machines wages on. As one of the human resistance fighters, you must help in bringing down the Skynet’s rule of the world. Terminator: Resistance, the first-person shooter from Teyon studio, is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM.
Recommend turning off motion blur & film grain - much better without them.

-cerberus-: Can't quite put my finger on it but maybe some of you can relate to this: the 7th gen console era came packed with a plethora of obscure hidden gems, some of which remain undiscovered to this day. Flawed games with a unique charm. These types of devs & games got pretty much phased out midway through the 8th gen console life-cycle and were replaced by an influx of pixel art indie shovelware. Terminator Resistance feels like it was conceived during that transitional period between that 7th & 8th gen. No doubt, there's a lot to criticize but there's a lot more to love.
"AA games" is how I've seen them termed - modern games but without the massive budgets and marketing campaigns of AAA games. You can search the term to find some discussion online.
Tarhiel: All the other franchise games are passable.
NES LJN T2 game is ace as well. Once you'll master enough the bike level you will find the game is surprisingly good.
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Well, got this game and... I liked it! I liked it more than most AAA titles from this year! Yeah, animations is not that great and voiceovers is not of high quality, but it has so many interesting gameplay mechanics! Really liked it!
---mgs3se---: Didn't see this one coming.
No one did!
Seeing releases such as this one (a tad expensive atm for my wallet) is awesome. Cheers to gog and devs!