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Eliminating the impossible, embracing the improbable

Four Sherlock Holmes games, chronicling the point'n'click exploits of the brilliant consulting detective, are available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount if purchased individually or 80% as part of the <span class="bold">221b Baker Street</span> bundle.

The somber sound of a deftly played violin spills in from the adjacent room. Sherlock must be in a mood again. The good doctor takes another look at the notebook where he keeps records of his dear friend's most spectacular adventures. Hmm, which one should he write about in an attempt to lift his spirits?

Maybe about <span class="bold">The Awakened</span>. This is where they faced a sinister cult worshiping terrible gods and had to unravel a downward spiral of senseless brutality and madness. The recollection still gives Watson shivers.

What about that time when the ultimate puzzle-solver met his <span class="bold">Nemesis</span>, as he engaged in a mental duel with the legendary gentleman thief Arsene Lupin?

Perhaps he can write about how they chased the infamous <span class="bold">Jack the Ripper</span> through the seedy Whitechapel district, while painstakingly examining those horrible murder scenes.

He is somewhat reluctant to recount <span class="bold">The Testament of Sherlock Holmes</span>. A thrilling case to be sure, but also one that revealed his companion's darker side, as he was fighting to clear his name of some truly vile accusations.

This is harder than he thought. See, they are all so chock-full of suspense, brilliant brain teasers, fateful encounters, and picturesque locales. Perhaps it's time to consult the charismatic man in the other room. After all, this is how they managed to tackle all those challenges in the first place: as a team.

Exercise your crime-solving skills in four adventures featuring the legendary Sherlock Holmes, DRM-free on The 60/80% discounts for <span class="bold">221b Baker Street</span> will last for the duration of the Bundleopolis Sale.
MBiL_248: Yes, those are two of the greatest adventure games ever made. Played both of them a huge couple of times, owned the retail versions as well, but would buy them immediately if we could get them here.
Arveja: Those two are the best Sherlock Holmes games ever!
Undoubtedly! :)
EraVasher: I completed the awakened and nemesis back when they were released,i didn't found them to be particularly difficult and, in my opinion,they are certainly more logical in their puzzles than say the classic lucasarts games or the newer titles from daedalic although there are some instances of weird puzzles here and there and some clues are a little bit hard to find due to their small size but in a sense it's in line with being a game with Sherlock Holmes as a protagonist.

You are usually confined to a location(some small,some big)where you have to find clues and solve puzzles to move on with the story and while an objective may not be specified constantly usually the dialogues between holmes and watson can point you in the right directions.

I have installed The Silver Earring yesterday and yes,it seems a little bit more limited than the rest of the series
Splatsch: Sounds not bad. I tried to play several point & click and...nope. I just can't (Grim Fandango & the first Monkey Island for example). Too illogical for me. Not enough indications. And that's a shame because the games are good, visuals are marvelous, etc...
That's why I'm asking : these Sherlock Holmes games doesn't seems like "usual" point & click, and it appeals me a lot because it's investigations, and with Sherlock Holmes (and one concerning Chtulu :)). But I really don't like point & clicks (all the ones I tried were a failure).
But may be I should wait for "The Awakened" to be on an big sale :P (I can't permit myself to buy a whole bundle that I may don't like XD)
Thanks a lot for your help :)

Marioface5: I would hope that the others are better, but like I said I haven't bothered to really try them yet. As for objectives, I would hope there are some later in the game, but in the first area (which I never finished after I think over an hour of playing) the only objective was to find evidence and talk to people. No puzzles, just find things to click on. I know there are puzzles later though, since I've seen some reviews that complained about illogical puzzles. Apparently there are also really frustrating time-sensitive sections. I don't know if either of those are issues with the rest of the series. So if you do buy the bundle, maybe don't start with Silver Earring.
Splatsch: Okay :) Thanks again for all explanations !
I played The Awakened a few years ago and overall i enjoyed it - i found the first-person view worked ok and there were some amusing parts where you had a chase on, either pursuing someone or running away... some of the puzzles didn't make much sense but others were really good though i was often annoyed at not having worked them out before resorting to a walkthru

I'm actually annoyed i missed out on this bundle - i probably would have gone for it, but was away over the weekend - please don't do this type of deal on a UK bank holiday GOG!