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back then
Failing the spoon test

Be at work like
That emojii is not coughing!

If you are going to die, do not die safely.

To stir or not to stir, that is the question.

He is calling her to ask for her phone number.
Who's Yennefer?
Why We Are Better Off With Fewer Friends
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I'd scowl in that dress too

...why daddy laughing doe?

Tokyo in the snow (OC)

Prehistoric Creatures

All for good health

Dropping a brick of ice down a 450m bore hole

Good guy 'dumb dumb mister'

Rosie Okumura voice actor pranks Indian scammers

I was unaware this was a problem. Guys?


"The snack that smiles back!"
A flirt gone very wrong

Life with Battle Cat

Watch out for those icy roads


Turn on the sound

low rated
Anyone for golf?
richlind33: Anyone for golf?
Me being like:
low rated
She has perfect form. ;p
For ages 6+++

Perfect day
I wish this had happened when I was at Chick-fil-A...
Honest Government Ad | After the fires
For you DIY’ers

Low pass by Ukrainian military jet

Vicious Australian bar fight

Breakfast time

Lol funny

Smooth AF.
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What Star Wars Owes to French Comics