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My cat also hates when I make noise.

love is in the air

This is Rudy, the goose and Barclay the Golden. They’ve been best friends ever since they met..!! ???


Best friends

Japanese Artist Meetissai, Turns Animals Into Sculptures

This sand art is pretty cool
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Full send

Honest Government Ad | Visit Hawai'i!
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low rated
Anyone for huge, ginormous tits?
How to handle the situation


Been there. Done that.


Helpful bear

Casually going to work

Best friends since childhood ??


A clear lake in the Philippines
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A real samurai shows how you should fight with a katana

Danish folk song from 1600's

Cringe worthy

Finish him!

Recycling discarded materials into useful items
Stephen Fry has his say on online trolls.

The only pictures taken on Venus. The Russian Venera 13 took these photos. It lasted 127 minutes before dying due to harsh conditions
Wolfenstein: The New Order - All J Scenes (Jimi Hendrix)
I never expected so much self-awareness in a Wolfenstein-Game.
I Wonder What They Are Talking About.

Capitalism against folks!

If i fits...

When waves reach the clouds

More shots of the golden rescue cat Chataro

Outbreak of idiocy spreading 10,000 times faster than coronavirus

Also yes.

Flagged for awareness.

While you were making borscht, I mastered the blade


After 7 years of comment farming I'm about to hit 20,000 imaginary internet points!

Art by Un Lee

Images that precede unfortunate events

No politics.
He has a point.

It gets worse as you get older...

Funny animals...

Corona vs India
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Cherry Blossom Tunnel in Japan

A video of the colorful "art" added to the Church of Scientology last night :)

A day at work
About right!

Amazing healing and transformation of sweet puppy saved from euthanasia.
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Eltz Castle in Germany

Some Saturday Shield Maidens

Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope - Legacy Goes On
I love this time of year

While the credits are playing

Cow protecting her human

Pet-tentially Precariously Perilously Problematic

I'll be back later for more.

When the Sunday scaries hit you abruptly.

The Bond women

Lake Michigan, Chicago

Anteater vs. Jaguar
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Nurse shares an awful story