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^ made the Trousers of Gender Confusion to match the evil Belt of Gender Change.
^ his Gender Transmutation Dress broke soon after he used it for the first time, now he changes gender twice a day
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^ wants to make love to the tree in your backyard
^ has stopped time, but forgot to stop it everywhere. thus allowing me to sleep for seven hours, but all compressed into three hours
^ is a reincarnation of a Roman general Coriolanus. Because of bad karma, he doesn't share an equal or better fate than in his previous life as the general.
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^ has a pet Llama called Bitey
^ has a petting zoo full of biting lamas
^ is actually a biting, spiting, kicking and neck wrestling lama, therefore not suitable for any petting zoo.
^ is into heavy petting
^ is into heavy (often explosive) smoking
^ loves to smoke dynamite sticks, says it's better than Cigars
^ likes to drink nitroglycerine, tells everyone it's way better than Scotch, and much more gentle on the stomach
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^ Is a stuck-up bastard. And a disguised Romulan spy.
^ is actually a lizard, but dreams of becoming a powerful dragon someday
^ was crying all night long yesterday, because Spain's representatives Barca & Real both have been defeated by the Germans at the Champions League semifinals. Their chance to go through the final are so slim.