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^ bet on the other team
^Had money on both teams and still lost in the unusual Referee Shoot Out win.
^ is the thug in charge of breaking the bones of unlucky gamblers who didn't pay his boss
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^ is stingy
^ Is sting-y, and stripe-y and enjoys eating nectar.

Queen's a bitch, though.
^ Is suddenly being chased around by a giant deck of card screaming "off with his head".
^ is now truly a Seagog, because Greece has access to sea. Since Switzerland has no access to sea, he couldn't have been a Seagog from Switzerland back then. The best possibility is that he was a Lakegog.
^ Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
^ Doesn't realize that Telika's old location was Switzerland. knowing that makes the comment entirely relevant
^ secretly yearns to teach geography in a leather elbowed tweed jacket and mismatched trousers
Sachys: ^ secretly yearns to teach geography in a leather elbowed tweed jacket and mismatched trousers
^most likely wants a pet baboon for a gift.
^ is a great salesperson whose business is offering pet primates primarily that can fly, to Yetis if only logistics aren't an issue
^ has a french username and is really, a wizard
^ a wizard stole his French username (DAMN YOU, LE_CHEVALIER!!!) and he is now on a never-ending quest fraught with peril, potions which turn you into a cactus, and spider monkeys.

The quest has nothing to do with retrieving his username, though, it was just an interesting side-bar.
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^ was a victim of a wizard's spell that made him giving a tight hug and kiss to a magically enlarged cactus.