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^ ShaolinsKunk's Top Three favorite movies are:

1. Au Pair
2. Au Pair II
3. Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise
^Fails to realize that Three of a Kind Au Pairs creates a Horrifying Rift in the Time Space Continuum
^ loves to create a Rift in the Space Time Continuum, as he plans to go thru, with a hundred thousand heavy armed navy seals, and replace Hitler with himself, and win the Second World War for Germany, and rule earth as it's sole leader
^ has a neck beard collar growing like hell, but no mustache hair!
^ wears a collar of shame to prevent them biting themself
^ has a collection of collars
^ is green with envy over the collection due to a strange fetish
^ has a fetish for little green men but not pointy-eared men.

Sorry Thespian* :P
^ didnt say "sorry" to thespian LAST TIME they finished first!
^ always says "sorry"
^ Never says sorry.
^ always refuses to say sorry, when he steps in poo
^Is a frequent user of poo jokes. Kind of shitty if you think about it, what if that person has an acute case of fecalphlie?
Post edited April 24, 2013 by Rohan15
^ Is currently wearing his cursed belt of Gender Change
^ Has stolen my Blessed belt of Gender Change