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^ Is a Balrog
^ Is actually the true Higgs Boson.
^ is as thin as a planck
^ Speaks truth 99% of the time.
^Always gives110%
^ never gives more than 10%
^always asks for more than 10%
^types comments in the nude
^ lives in a community of Nudes, but refuses to go Nude
^may or may have not be a prude: you decide!
^ may or may not be a prune: you decide!
^eats prunes in the nude.
^ googles "prunes" in the hope of finding a niche site full of old people 'doing stuff' with prunes!

^ likes to go to Ecchi Sites, but claims he only goes there for the articles, not the pictures. And believes that hentai is way to graphic
^ will tell us what Ecchi means