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^ Knowing there are 25 better NinjaJedis out there he wishes he had tried harder.
^ Doesn't smile (°_°)
^ Doesn't blink.
^ doesn't do the Vulcan :P
^ doesn't dance
^Dances if he wants to
^ doesn't like women... or men
^ has stolen all the world's money
^ as my accomplice in the robbery, wanted to split the money equally, so cut all the coins and notes exactly in half...
^Has a getaway vehicle.. Made of silly string.
^ has untied our Silly stringed get-away vehicle
^ is currently tying back our Silly stringed get-away vehicle
^ Is wearing self designed lingerie made from silly string and party poppers
^ Trawls malls looking to bag himself a cougar, so far has been rejected more times than his idea of guide cats for the blind
^ has tried to steal every second game in every series I Have, but only got away with two games, leaving me with HOMM, HOMM3, HOMM4 & HOMM5 and Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 & RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 :(