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^ is a renowned heart surgeon. The only heart he can't heal is his own......
^ has an ettchi thing for open heart surgery and should stop scrathcin git and see the doctor!
^is a beautiful human being, buuuttttt, smells weird.
^ Is beautiful in his own way.
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^doesnt know true beauty from a pile of chimp crap
^ Knows what he is talking about when it come to chimp crap.
^Is a massage therapist specializing in chimp cramps
^ Tries unsuccessfully to message the massager with a bow and arrow
^ can take so many arrows he'll look like a pincushion by the end of it but will die if a single one is tipped with a boxing glove.
^ likes to practice acupuncture with arrows instead of needles
Thespian*: ^ runs an isolated motel and has some issues in his relationship with his elderly mother
^Wrestles with jealousy and envy when thinking about my wonderfully creepy relationship with my mother. Then realizes he can take comfort in being a pointed-eared hobgoblin, and raises one eyebrow.
^ smells cheese.. like, always.
^ does not only smell like cheese, but taste like cheese also
^ Has the largest collection of cheese ever known.
^Takes a bit too much pride in "cutting" said cheese