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bler144: @Trent - what do you think of yogs last post?
Looks like to me that either like you he got punished and did not like it and is frustrated or he is trying to garner sympathy from us to avoid a possible lynch. Do I believe his claim of being a vanilla townie? I can see it as being possible, but it sure does make his behavior even more odd up to this point. He's hinted several times to having inside knowledge and a vanilla townie would not. He could have been trying to do the same as bookwyrm and draw a NK, but with yogs I honestly am not sure as he often does erratic things town or scum.


I sure would love to hear Nacho's thoughts on Lift instead of a "just trust me for today"

I still see cristi as a strong possibility as scum, but I don't see that going anywhere as it seems I'm in the cross hairs of several people as scum (I am not scum).

Unvote cristigale
Barbaric has really been bugging me.
TammyTown: Barbaric has really been bugging me.

babs' last post is seemingly within an hour or two of ticking over to 3 days old (babs post #1631, #1628 is 3 days old).

Lack of clarity on Quad's flip + no flip on Fox are hurting analysis quite a bit. If we knew Quad was bodyguard, babs' run would probably be over already and multi- would probably be confirmed.

If the gamestate is anything other than Lift + deepwolf, or Lift + SK... or put another way, I think we're in big trouble if we lynch Lift and he's town. If Lift isn't tied to Dess, who is?

Kinda regretting not taking Brasas' multi-ball proposition earlier more seriously before setting on the two wagons that are both the low-hanging fruit (after Ix/babs who both have claims).

trentonlf: snip
FWIW, I don't see you as "scummy." The problem is the only people who seem scummy to me are Lift, and kinda babark. I.e. if you are mafia/wolf, I think you've played a heck of a game.

I'm afraid of a world where it really was just two wolves plus 3-ish mafia, and how the heck do we crack that nut, especially with babark barely playing (scum or town in multi-? who knows! there's like nothing to judge him on other than that he's clearly not w/w with RW but could be literally anything else), yogs now throwing in the towel... so I thought I'd make a last-ditch effort to poke and see what ripples and where.

But yeah, if it's bad it's probably real bad so I don't know why I'm putting in the energy.

Also FWIW, I don't think yogs is purely vanilla, but I think he's still telling the truth, fundamentally speaking, with his claim Riddle that one out, eh? Not lynching him even if him getting modkilled or just going awol hurts.

(defense of yogs)

But yeah, if the setup (sans Fox) was something like 11/3/2, and Lift (or yogs) flips town, I think we're in a world o' hurt tomorrow. At least on the surface that looks like a 6/3 start to D3...with at least one player if not two not really engaged.

That said, bits like " If [yogs] isn't scum, he's something other anti-town. He just wasn't playing a town game!" make me just want to forget about being paranoid and just go with it.

If Lift does flip werewolf, I'd take another look at your argument for cristi. You interest me primarily in a scum!nacho world (blame Hijack), and if Lift flips werewolf Nacho is either town or at worst not a werewolf. Presumably.

And I hate to say it, but I can't blame yogs exactly. Tomorrow marks the start of week 6, and it's still D-effing-2.
bler144: ....
Here's the thing, I can see yogs as telling the truth on being town vanilla. This is not a Role Madness game (I am town vanilla too) so I find it odd at how many people have claimed when they are close to lynch. To me that means (as I've said before) we have been unlucky in outing all of our PR's or someone is shoveling a load of BS. I'm sure someone is shoveling a load of BS, I'm just not sure who it is. Everyone who has claimed I can see the role being in the game and if that ends up being the case the we do have the worst luck as town. I am hoping someone is lying their ass off, but at this moment I am unsure if someone is and it's driving me nuts..

I guess I need to vote someone to fit the criteria *sigh*

Vote Stanari

Serious vote, maybe or maybe not :)
November 26, 1696 -

You all head in from your evening chores to the community home to make a final vote as you all planned earlier Most of you ride in on horses, as the cold has more than set in for the winter this past month and what used to be a nice lengthy walk in the brisk fall air through the woods to the community home for most of you each day has become an arduous task through the cold and snow.

A few villagers are already there when you arrive, and a hot meal is cooked and ready for serving at your leisure.

Help yourselves, make your final decisions, and get the awful deed done if it is to be done.

It is now:


No posting is required in this stage, but, if you decide to post during this stage it MUST contain:

A correction, change, or altering to position of or any final response to any of the posts made during the SUNDOWN stage. A vote-status change fulfills this requirement as well, vote explanations are not needed during the EVENING stage.

If you wish to make more than 1 post during the EVENING stage, it must contain a vote-status change.
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I would like to help but I honestly don't know how to post and fit the rules. Seriously.

Unvote Lifthrasil

Don't go to no-lynch again people. Just don't. Come on, please.

Vote Lifthrasil

I hope that does it.
Unvote Stanari
trentonlf: it's driving me nuts..

fuck it, vote lifthrasil. My reason is the second law of thermodynamics.

C'mon - baby needs a new pair of shoes!
Doesn't evening come before sundown?

I'm sorry I've been so absent, I think it is just mental fatigue with this game now. So much text and so little being said, but I still have to parse everything. I have been (at least superficially, I think? ugh) keeping up with the posts here, even if I haven't been posting.

I say we lynch bler because his posts make my eyes blee...oh wait, we're done with that portion of the day.

So, as a "final response" to the posts during sundown (especially some directed to me), as far as the yog vs stanari wagon, I have no problem believing either is scum. Lift's behaviour seems to have been extra scummy recently, despite his claim, so if it came down to it, I'd probably prefer a vote for him. If I wished to be cold-hearted about it, I could say that even if his claim turns out to be true, since his role doesn't appear to benefit anyone but himself, all we'd be out is a town vote. Which isn't optimal, but better than accidentally lynching a PR (to be fair, the same is true for yog, if his claim is to be believed).
Other than that, I'd say I suspect stanari, and would've almost considered stanari/lift/RW/Dess/? team, but I see that Stan currently has a vote on Lift. Not that that couldn't be explained a million different ways, of course.
Brasas - no one has been around that I'm aware of. I could ask but that would require effort.

Yog - I'm sorry you're frustrated :(

VT claim doesn't fit with my image of what yog was doing, honestly, but I would not be surprised if something else is going on?

I wish people wouldn't just casually claim. I think we're at 7/11 claimed now? Which, for D2, is a bit silly.

Would rather lynch Lif still, I think, if only because I'm going to have a hard time moving on otherwise.

I think Dess's iso indicates that cristi is town - look at the slip callout.

Babark giving me an existential reads crisis.
I'm kinda disturbed. My gut says Yogs is legit, but it's Yogs, and my head screams policy lynch regardless. Plus my confbias wants him to flip scum so bad you wouldn't believe it.

Regarding the evening - I think as long we stick to what (read who) is on the table and our positions so far and evolve them we are ok. What is strictly forbidden is a post bringing only new stuff to bear. For example if I claimed. Of course that's for one post only, then vote changes are a must.

So I'll answer a few pings, then post the clarified wagon schematic and why I think it's got to be Lift and leave Yogs (like Nacho, like Babark, etc...) for D3, depending on what happens N2 and making it there.

yogsloth: Don't go to no-lynch again people. Just don't. Come on, please.

Town play requires sacrificing and making difficult choices, and putting individual preferences to the side.
Taking the opportunity to say, your tone could be town flipping the table, but it could also be your scum team is decimated. I hope we're not in multiball, but even so you are certainly correct that a second No Lynch means we're fucked - I think even worst case scenario (multiball and one of the scum teams buys it) it might not be LYLO MYLO or whatever - but too late for us, due to being too disunited as town.

And if you particulalrly are reading this and grinning - I hate you.

trentonlf: ... or someone is shoveling a load of BS. I'm sure someone is shoveling a load of BS, I'm just not sure who it is. ...
I'm pretty sure(ish) Lift is full of cow dung with that claim - still don't see it.
You could be on the BS peddling too, because with all the confusion a vanilla claim might actually be good scum play.

TammyTown: Barbaric has really been bugging me.
I wonder if this typo is on purpose... funny anyway... also raaaacist!

Sorry in advance, I find my levity in gallows humor and lewdness...

PS: first pass writing my opening sentence and my finger must not have hit the s key in scum. Almost left it as it was...

bler144: Oh, I get it. Sure, it would probably be useful to fill in those '?'.
Yes. But even further. It makes clear who needs to budge their vote and how in order to reach a lynch. At least that was my intention behind it since the methodology I suggested D1 seems to have gone nowhere...

You did your part by voting Lift btw. Have some Townpoints.

I think Ix is a Mb - if only he pops in before deadline. That would put us over the hump I think (I will flip onto Lift in a heartbeat if it has not been clear so far) but given Tammy's self confessed approach to imminent lynch I'd be happier with a higher margin.

PS - actually, we don't need 7, just 6 to have maj. We're there... I'm voting now and not waiting for twilight. I freaking hope this does not cut discussion short though...

Ixamyakxim: I DO like the Lift wagon though. I think between his and yogs there's probably some good stuff there for people to digest in coming days.
It's a confy wagon. Hop in?

TammyTown: Brasas - I'm not sure what you're misunderstanding with that sentence. If lift would have mentioned that danger was mentioned in his commute description, I would have had him on a possible slip ...
Not misunderstanding you. Just pushing a bit. I still see it as a slip I guess, never mind the flavor.

Lifthrasil: snip
What are you really? You can tell us Lift.


Why everyone is coming out to play...

Let's do the needed.
Unvote Yogsloth
Vote Lifthrasil

I think we could have gotten something better than dead man walking... but will take what I can.
Saves me a reread at least...

Player - Wagon Yogs - Wagon Lift
Brasas = Y - Y
Bler..... = N - Y
Lift...... = Y - N
Yogs... = N - Y
Stan.... = Mb - Y
Tammy = Mb - Y
Nacho = ? - Y
Trent.. = Mb - N
Cristi.. = Y - Mb
Ix........ = Y - Mb
Babark = Mb - Mb

That's the bare minimum wagon...

Cristi or Ix - can one of you please budge and give us some margin? Not sure I trust Trent nor Babark as much here...
I'm OK with a Lift lynch. I just wish yogs would do something. I hope those who think he is town or some neutal are right.

@yogs - your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

@brasas - if Lift flips scum, does that effect your read on Nacho? (if you don't want to jump hoops to answer now, I understand)

Stanari: Babark giving me an existential reads crisis.
I'm there with ya.

Unvote yogsloth

Vote Lifthrasil
bler144: He also did a lot of role fishing (wyrm multiple times, me, suggesting whoever killed sushi come forward).
No, I didn't fish on wyrm. I asked for clarification. I had understood his post as an actual claim, but apparently I was the only one. So I asked for clarification. Like I did with Ix, when I wanted to know whether his 'unspecified' meant that he himself didn't know or that he just wasn't willing to tell. I just don't like unclear statements, so I ask for clarification when necessary.
And coming forward after killing sushi would have made sense if it was a one-shot vig. Nothing to lose and information for town. It was a two-shot vig and she came out after using up her second shot and now we have a confirmed townie.

But as I see it, I am already basically done for and that's really great for scum: Yogsloth states that he isn't interested in the game any more. Something that acutally should make him more lynchable, because his engagement probably won't increase tomorrow. Even if he isn't scum (but something neutral or even town), he is now someone good for scum to keep around. He's no danger to them and no use to town. I, however, actually try to scum hunt - and lo and behold, my train takes off. Looks like someone decided that I'm the bigger danger. Keep that in mind when you analyse my wagon tomorrow! That Yogsloth's statement that he isn't invested in the game any more preceded the tipping point between our previously balanced wagons. I find that illogical, unless scum had a hand in this tipping.

Oh and to comply with those rules:

unvote Yogsloth
vote Nachomamma8

unvote Nachomamma9
vote Yogsloth
I still say lynching Lift is lynching a townie. I believe him and think scum has manipulated this lynch. If Lift flips scum I'll be totally surprised. Not that it matters but I will not vote him, I'll put my vote back on who I think scum is.

Vote cristigale
I'm really sorry that this wasn't clear / I took it for granted that it would be understood:

once Twilight hits and votes are locked

the player with the most votes gets lynched

if there is a tie, it goes no-lynch

Twilight falls in 10-24 hrs.
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