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ohyeah, of course, the role selection, I mean to talk about that more (err maybe I did a bit? I don't remember now!)

- cristi getting Claire

when she drew it I imagined her going killing as much as she could until the end of the game and thought to myself "ohhhhboy! she thought she's been barraged with a bunch of gore already in forum mafia, this is going to to be all of that combined and more (with the sex combo)" - and then she only did the 1 kill! maybe it was for the best! but still, how very appropriate!

- bler is paranoid

I am super-pleased / love how the flavor I gave bler made him actually paranoid and he was very effectively able to play his role without even knowing his role - except for the whole barn-collapsing misunderstanding (there's other stuff around in the barn, like ladders to get around and even just knocking 1 line of herbs into another could cause a domino effect, is what I was getting at - to be refined!)

- wyrm,

who else would have fake-claimed a mason with that role? WHOOOO? no one! the only true vanilla in the game going to the 1 guy who is most likely to fake-claim some shit - I loved it

what else is beautiful about that? that the 4 sleeping-vanillas in the game were actually ignorant masons (neighbors but all town)

- dess

I was hoping dess would get alpha, I confess. That he did, picking 1st in the entire draft, and that it was the Alpha, blew my mind a bit.

- lift

I was hoping dess and lift would be scum together, I confess. That they did, picking 1 after the other in the draft, blew my mind a bit.

- docbear

of course already mentioned but deserves a re-mention cause, with the stuff mentioned above, now imagine how I must have been when this happened - the DOCBEAR choosing the ANIMAL DOCTOR - I just still can't get over it, not sure I ever will!

- trent & yogs

I also thought it was potentially going to be interesting with these 2 sharing a neighbor chat

- tammy

no one better could have picked sarah, I'm convinced


I think it was a pretty special game, again, thank all for being a part of it!
Post edited November 09, 2016 by drealmer7