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Kleetus: [fnod]
There wasn't any left. (But there was right!)
Perchè una valigia si porta ma una porta non si valigia?
No, I told him, I do not want any more pumpernickel! But he insisted.
And that's exactly why elephants can't jump.
Then how can eggs hatch?
Enebias: Then how can eggs hatch?
we poach em
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, the supreme master do its work
I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.
tinyE: HunchBluntley is turning this from a non sequitur thread into one about "Motel Hell", which I'm actually totally fine with because that's a fucking great movie! :D
Like, the Hilbert hotel? You know, the one with (countably) infinite rooms, all occupied, and there's a new guest that needs to be accommodated? (Yes, it's possible, but requires asking all the guests to move.)
low rated
dtgreene: .
Hiya Miss Dee, I've just bathed and deodorised, I'm fetching.
Right, who's got a boil on his Semprini, then?
Shame about Markie Post, though.
HunchBluntley: Shame about Markie Post, though.
Wasn't that a TV show, she married Marky Mark and they had a Funky Bunch?
That stain won't come out. :/