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Start with "What?", "When?" and "Where?".

Change those W's into T's, and you've answered your own questions.
Some people find the sound of thunderstorms to be very relaxing. This makes me wonder: if some people find loud noises peaceful, would they find a continuous loop of nails scraping on a chalkboard to be their chill-out music?
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"Can I take your coat, sir?"
"I don't like thousand island dressing."
"...I don't tend to put any salad dressing on coats I check, if that's what you're worried about."
If time really was a construct I'd skip Monday through Thursday every week, since Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my gaming days.
Knight takes pawn. Check.
Knights become days, daze become nights...
I wonder, is there Swedish coffee at the pig party?
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In Noway we actually shake our bread golden in the hopes of getting a medal.
A bee's job is to forage for food, mate, and then die.

In other words: honey, nut, cheerio.
~ Braggadar's Own Dehydrated Water ~
Emob78: But is it Kosher mustard?
DubConqueror: Just as long as it's Halal.

Oh, sorry, that's a sequiter.
If thou hast any sound, or use of voice,
Speak to me.
If there be any good thing to be done,
That may to thee do ease, and, grace to me,
Speak to me.
If thou art privy to thy country's fate,
Which happily foreknowing may avoid,
O, speak!
Or if thou hast uphoarded in thy life
Extorted treasure in the womb of earth
Speak of it! Stay, and speak
Diablo 1 = gold. Diablo 2= diamonds.
I don't have arachnophobia. I just kill venomous spiders when I find them.
The Human Race... But who's winning ?.