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^ speaks like Klaus Schwab.
Has a hairline like Mao Zedong.
^ wants to set the minimum speed limit of the Autobahn to be that of the speed of light.
^ He made his post above shortly after witnessing a Ferrari Monza SP2 pass him driven by InSaintMonoxide.
^ Always admired the Doppler Effect.
^ Thinks the speed of light is however long it takes him to hit the light switch.

EDIT: Always interrupts people with statements about the Doppler Effect.
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^ My estimation on the likelihood of HeresMyAccount being ninjaed on any post is spot on.

EDIT: (Find the stat that I posted earlier.)
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^ was hired as a consultant for the development of Gas Station Simulator
^ Was hired as a consultant for the development of Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator, but did his job badly, because he was always drunk. Then he went to work on Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, and they tolerated him better there.
^ The novel "The 20 Days of Turin" is based on his exploits.
low rated
^ The novel "The 120 Days of Sodom" is based on his exploits.
^ The novel "Venus in Furs" is based on his mistress' exploits.
^ The Lord of The Rings Trilogy features him in a prominent role as a beloved protagonist.
low rated
^ He was an extra in Prince of Space.
^ he left a set of prints on space balls