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We are slightly adjusting local pricing due to changes in currency exchange rates.

Due to recent significant changes in currency conversion rates, we need to re-evaluate and update the local price values for the products on When preparing for the launch of our local currency payment options we've monitored the conversion rates for 18 months, looking at the average, and rounding it to the closest 0.09. That's how we came up with - for example - the 4.49€ equivalent for the $5.99 price-tag (with 4.51€ being the average converted price out of the previous 18 months). With fairness and clarity in mind, we decided to stick to the prices calculated this way, and only update them if a really considerable change in currency exchange rates would occur.

Unfortunately, this happened much sooner than anyone would expect. There are evident changes in the conversion rates for almost all currencies used on Therefore, we are forced to adjust some of the local-currency prices of the catalog items.The prices are changing only by a small margin that allows us to compensate for the recent shifts in currency exchange rates. Here's a representative example of the pricing changes:

For $9,99 games:
- the EUR price was: 7,49; is: 7,99
- the GBP price was: 5,99; is: 6,19
- the AUD price was: 10,89; is: 11,49
- the RUB price was: 359; is: 389

The changes will come into effect on Wednesday, October 1 at 12:00PM GMT. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may be causing you. Please remember that you have the option to switch your preferred currency back to USD in the site's footer.

We will continue to monitor the exchange rates and apply further updates. Hopefully, we'll see the rates reverting to their more beneficial state soon, so that the next small price update can be in everyone's favor. We will communicate any future adjustments in the forum thread for this topic, so please follow it if you're interested in the future development for local prices.
AzureKite: Not really related to local currencies, but sometimes items from sale I add to cart appear to cost a lot more when I check out. Just yesterday I put Pathfinder into the cart (which cost ~17$ for me) and on check out it showed ~67$. Removed everything else, re-added the game and it showed correct price.
Not to mention that now the pages with sales don't even show which items I already own. Browser cache was cleared, even tried using different browser and still the same result.
Cavalary: Known issue, regarding sale pages. Seems to affect some more than others. There's a user fix for it. GOG ignores it despite being made aware of how to fix it a long time ago and is still "looking into the matter" (which is to say, probably aren't and expect users to learn to deal with it).
As for prices, make sure you don't check buy as gift first, since Ukraine gets huge regional discounts when buying normally but anyone getting discounts has to pay the base price when buying as gift. But since the redesign GOG also occasionally seems to reset one's location, language and/or currency, and the fix for that is to go to checkout (don't need to actually buy anything), as it checks again when you do that.
Thanks for the info. I guess one problem does lead to another. As I am not able to see which games I own (or DLC/addons) I could add to cart something already in my library by mistake, hence prices went up during check out.