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Skreczi: I wish that Game of Thrones has some cool and epic ending now so we can see the end of the series before humanity die off ;)
TwoHandedSword: Done! They hire Damon Lindelof and David Lynch to wrap things up quick; their "Lost vs. Twin Peaks"-inspired ending leaves us with way more questions than answers. Now we all have to wait for the movie, greenlighted for... oh, about 2018.

I wish sticking to my diet was a lot easier than it's been lately.
failed - I was talking about the book. next time i will be more specific but damn - original source is the book :(
TwoHandedSword: I wish more people would play in this thread.
VIPERs: Hmm, that was a bad wish.......all GOG users are now playing dead in this thread.

I wish TwoHandedSword had a DeLorean to go change his wish.
Ok but by doing this it makes your wish to never exist so there were no need for DeLorean and that creates a time paradox that will destroy us all!

I wish to survive this time paradox ;)
GreenDigitalWolf: I wish compuetrs could self-upgradge every month for free.
Granted! After just few months computer self upgrade into one huge AI and make humans a slave race.

I wish for a wish that can't get sour ;)
dtgreene: I wish for invade-a-load to appear on this website. (Invade-a-load is a Space Invaders clone for the Commodore 64 that would play while loading another game.)
Granted, invade-a-load gets implemented on this website, but all games need to be copied on tapes before playing.

I wish... I met Spongebob in real life. :D

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