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Long winter nights are a perfect time to fully immerse yourself into games. That’s why we joined forces with CORSAIR to bring you a contest with fantastic prizes that will make your winter gaming sessions even more unforgettable.

The rules of this competition are simple: Imagine that you can play only one game during long winter nights this year. Which title from the GOG.COM library would you pick?

Leave a comment below with a creative explanation, post it on our Facebook under the contest announcement post or on Twitter using #MyWinterGame hashtag.

Submit your answers before January 2nd, 2020, at 3 PM CEST and we will announce winners on the following day. Don't be late and take your chance to win one of the prizes:
For the 1st place: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + Corsair VOID RGB ELITE Wireless headset + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

For 2nd and 3rd places: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

10 consolation prizes with 1 random game available on GOG.COM

Terms and conditions apply. You can check them in the first comment on the forum.
For the long winter nights, nothing can top The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.
Toss a coin to your Witcher O valley of plenty, and come and hear the tale of Geralt of Rivia, the Butcher of Blavakin!
Between the countless side quests, Triss Merigold, the combat, Ciri, the open world, Yennifer of Veneburg, the wit, and the heart that went into the development of the game. It is easily the best, and the easiest game to spend time through the long winter nights without even realizing it. You could start now and not realize it's spring while you try to complete all the side quests, explore every inch of the maps, find every recipe, every schematic, every hidden cache and smuggler's cache, and Gwent, dear lord the countless hours of Gwent!
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It sucks the hours away like nobodies business. Added bonus is you can play to your mood. Angry and bored? Become a war faring all conquering space butterfly. Feeling nostalgic for Star Trek TNG? Play a federation building explorer race solving the galaxies problems.

Emergent story telling gameplay means those winter nights will breeze past with excitement, adventure, and more than a few 'Oh god, I wish I'd gone to bed sooner.' days at work.

Also has a new expansion coming - so you just know the gameplay is going to stay a winters morning...which you'll be walking out into after very little sleep.
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For a long winter night, I would find it the perfect time to deep dive into Call of Duty Modern Warfare. While it's cold outside, I can turn up the heat by destroying some Noobs... no matter how cold and long the night gets, I will for sure have sweaty palms lol
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Are games that aren't out yet allowed? Cause if so definitely Cyberpunk 2077. I think I can easily lose myself in the lights of Night City during the cold, dark, winter months
Well, it's a hard choise, but I think Stardew Valley. I am a really fan of this game, and I'll been playing since the release (And I never get bored). So, my night would be about crops, people and to be the new in town.
My choice would be Deus Ex. I've finished it several times and my god I'm confident if I play it again I'd find yet another air duct behind some vending machine to a hidden room that I haven't discovered yet. And just thinking of its memorable music makes my skin crawl. Such an amazing memorable game worth every replay. I think I'm actually going to play it again. Haven't for a while and now would be a good time to do it again :)
Picking a single game is easy: Terraria!

The snow biome will let me make snowmen and icy castles. I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some mining and exploration.

If I am in the mood for some more action, then boss summons are the solution!
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with two expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

The best game.
The Witcher 3 would be my game. A good game with a good history to last every night of the winter in a vast world.
For me that'd be Amnesia Dark Descent.

Cause it just feels like a winter game. Stuck in a dank dark old castle, and you can just imagine a terrible blizzard going on outside.
Wizardry 8

I still reinstall and play it once a year and it usually keeps my busy for a while.
Diablo + Hellfire all the way. Relive the 90's!
Along winters nights should be filled with exploration, conquering and strategic base locations. Making allies and eliminating enemies at the same time. Learning new research to improve life as we know it. Get deeply immersed and conquer a planet far away! Age of Wonders: PlanetFall would fit this bill nicely!
Thank you for this opportunity!
The best game for a long winter? that's easy, it has to be S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Whether the original or the updated and expanded Lost Alpha, there's nothing quite like exploring the Zone to chase away the twilight of the year. Add some mods into the mix and a player can take things one step further, casting the Zone into high summer or even bringing winter to Chernobyl for a nice romp through the snow. Just watch out for bandits and keep shy of military patrols. The Zone's a harsh place, between fellow stalkers looking for a quick graft at your expense or mutants hunting for their next meal one always has to keep a guard up.

Yet, even so, the melancholic beauty of a place abandoned due to humanity's hubris is at once eerie and comforting. Simply wandering around, especially in the expansive natural preserve of Lost Alpha, is a treat that rivals big-budget modern sandboxes in terms of quiet contemplation in the wilderness. Just stay away from the labs, those places are freaky. So, yeah, it has to be S.T.AL.K.E.R. for all that and more, a history lesson and adventure all rolled into one.

Such is life in the Zone.
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Divinity: Original Sin 2

Lohse, Fane, Red Prince, Sebille, Beast and Ifan, they are amazing. We can play with different builds and when we get tired of them, we can start a new game with custom characters. We also have mods and different difficulty levels, oh, and we can create our own campaign using the game master mode! Long winter nights aren't a problem for this game <3