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Long winter nights are a perfect time to fully immerse yourself into games. That’s why we joined forces with CORSAIR to bring you a contest with fantastic prizes that will make your winter gaming sessions even more unforgettable.

The rules of this competition are simple: Imagine that you can play only one game during long winter nights this year. Which title from the GOG.COM library would you pick?

Leave a comment below with a creative explanation, post it on our Facebook under the contest announcement post or on Twitter using #MyWinterGame hashtag.

Submit your answers before January 2nd, 2020, at 3 PM CEST and we will announce winners on the following day. Don't be late and take your chance to win one of the prizes:
For the 1st place: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + Corsair VOID RGB ELITE Wireless headset + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

For 2nd and 3rd places: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

10 consolation prizes with 1 random game available on GOG.COM

Terms and conditions apply. You can check them in the first comment on the forum.
I guess if I could only pick one game for the whole winter I would keep Divinity Original Sin 2 and do a new playthrough being a total jackass.

I played the campaign as a very bitter, master-hating Sebille but now I want to play as the Red Prince and be a total dick to everyone. I'm curious to see how the game would react to that.
I would pick the Cyberpunk 2077 preorder.
Yes. I know it's not out yet, but not gaming for one season is really worth it for that game, judging by what I have seen in the trailers.
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Bloodstained, looks like a good story and at the same time, platformer which feels light to fill the down times with quality game play.
Only Dark Wood!!!
Oh without a doubt Gwent!!! Best card game I've played in a long time!
Dusk, because in long winter nights there nothing like a old school retro styled horror shooter to set the mood and remind you of your childhood. All alone in your room with he lights off, the glow of the screen the only light.
The Witcher 3, need to finish it.
I would pick stardew valley. It's not a traditional pick, but with it's near intimate possibilities every day you can move your adventure wherever you want. You can go mining for minerals, fight monsters in the deepest caverns and even get married to almost every character! Stardew valley is one of the best and most versatile games that I have ever come across! It is one of the few games that makes me want to do something productive. This game can make up for rainy, snowy, and even sunny days that didn't go the way you wanted it to go.
Well, it's only fitting.. The Witcher III.
I haven't actually played through that game ever. Gwent got me into it, and now the series sealed the deal. I had to buy it ASAP.
Now, to find time for playing. I'm excited! :D
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On my long winter nights I would like to immerse myself under the "Bioshock Infinite" experience :)
When night arrives,
Cold and Stark,
There is a series to Help one
Through the turbulent Dark:

Neverwinter Nights,
One or Two,
Whichever is chosen,
Is up to you.

It is in its name,
You see,
You fight against Winter,
In this game of D&D.

With Strength and Panache,
You fell your foe,
Or with Spell and Dagger
You compete Solo.

It's true power lies
In that it is hard to stop
When you pull in a friend
And go at it Co-Op.

Otherwise you are Alone in the Dark,
Which I need not recap,
Do not subject yourself to that,
As that game was Crap.
Mystery of the Druids.
If I am to go batshit crazy snowed in with a computer, then I'd like to lose my mind completely.
#MyWinterGame would be C&C Red Alert 3. I used to play it for hours by myself.
Exactly one year ago I decided I wanted to play FULL THROTTLE after I hadn’t seen it for more than two decades.

It so happened that on the very same day I decided to relive teenage memories, had a 48 hours free game giveaway and the title was: FULL THROTTLE!!! I instantly thought LAW OF ATTRACTION and had to get an account on just to fulfill my desire (hence my random username).

I then learned that GOG had a ton of games from my teenage years, therefore less than a week later I purchased over 30 games here. After all it was 2018’s winter sale promotion :)

I love to play great series. In my GOG library I have Soul Reaver 1, 2 and Defiance plus Darksiders 1, 2 and 3 so #MyWinterGame would have to be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition since I’ve never played any of the games in the series and I heard so many great things about it, which means I’d have to get 1 and 2 once I finished it (cause I know myself too well).
Happy Holidays!
Well I kind of like playing an unbearably cold game like Frostpunk because it makes me feel a whole lot better about my real life cold weather in comparison.