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Hmmm I just got to read all this stuff and also I will properly reply to part of #843 which I read earlier. (And I also read ahead and know the hammer fell but bear with me, it hadn't when part of this post was written)

Mostly, I would start with a recommendation to you Flocke. If you are taken out of the game don't let this first impression sour the game for you. I believe you just started with what is a bad setup for you. With 14 players this game is BIG. That means a lot more posts for you to read, a much bigger D1 which is the more chaotic day, even the nolynch was bad for you because D2 had 13 players instead of 12. Nonetheless D2 was far less rushed, I believe I even saw a 6-hour window between two posts once.
My recommendation if you're town is that once you're out of this game, you could keep observing the thread to calibrate your scumhunting skills. You will come to realize what the best Townies focus on and experience what tactics the scum use without the pressure that you need to post and catch up and have reads and appear townie...
Also, read a few previous games, starting with the ending. Get to know who is going to be scum and then you'll realize that a lot of posts that would have caught your attention and appear wrong were actually done by townies. It will make you much more capable to discern and dismiss fake scumminess in a live game later.

And whether you're town or scum in this round, join smaller games in the future. An 8 or 9 player game could be good enough for you: provided you survive D1 (which will be much shorter both in days and in content) I think you won't need more than a half hour any night to stay comfortably in the game.

FlockeSchnee: See, that's another one of these weird things. All I did was explain the situation and then say something like "I vote trentonlf because gut feeling". How is that substantial?
This has got to be the hardest part for me. Sometimes you just have that nagging feeling that someone's action was scummy but without an explanation it won't accomplish anything.
Earlier you said you should just have done what you felt was right and vote Trent. BAD IDEA. This game is a social game. You have to play together with your team or you're bound to lose. The ONLY time you are ever going to fly solo is when you're scum and your buddies are all dead.
(Supposing you're town) if you really don't believe any current wagons contain scum state so, vote only to avoid nolynches, but get ready to build a case against those you feel are scum soon after the wagon analysis the next day. You have to convince your peers but even if you don't right away at least you're showing proper Town proactivity that will make it more likely that you'll survive until you have another shot at pushing the scum to the chopping block.

Regarding the secret code theory, let me explain why everyone dismissed it. Basically there couldn't be a communication channel without any two parts previously setting up what is called a protocol — i.e. their rules of communication. And the point is, given that you pointed it during D1 scum just could not have settled on a protocol. If you were to pass a cyphered message to anyone without first exchanging keys you'd just be sending gibberish, right? If you had found that code anytime after N1 I and certainly many other players would give it proper weight.
And if you think that the players could be using a code stablished in a previous game or in the outside, that also doesn't fly but for a different reason. It goes against the spirit of the game if any player is "getting creative" to circumvent their natural restrictions. You should expect mod action right away. Given that ZFR didn't intervene we can be confident this didn't happen.

FlockeSchnee: I am Professor Flitwick, House Ravenclaw. I am a Vanilla Townie.
Uh, this isn't good. First of all because it looks like it is made-up, what with him being such an obscure character in the lore that it would be a convenient choice for scum trying to avoid calling the same character as another player. But mostly because I never saw a vanilla townie survive in this situation.

Microfish_1: @Joppo 796 I tend to agree, plus
rofl, thanks! (Does "most worserest/most worseterest" fit anywhere on the scale, or is it more of a byproduct?)

[i]A Treatise Concerning Some Points on Innocent Childs, or
"The Only Reason My Role Would Be Any Good At That Point and Contemplations (Not of My Navel but) Tending--but Not Guaranteed-- to Be About the Role In General"
I knew I had forgotten to reply to someone.

Hmmm now that you mention the upsides, an innocent child does look mighty useful when you're approaching LYLO/MYLO. But the fact it is impossible to verify barring a cop investigation also means it's a very convenient role for scum to hide behind. I don't know how to react to that other than a bit of mistrust, but I guess it can't hurt us too much to keep you alive for now. As long as we don't nolynch again.

Less serious time below:

About the worseness scale I actually messed it up (I atribute that to a bit of lack of familiarity with english and mostly to how long it was that I saw/last used that joke). The correct scale goes "worse, worser, worsest and worcestershire" but I could swear there was another item so I messed with it and blew it. As for your question, sure you can fit composite items as you see fit as long as they don't take away from the base items. Which was my mistake.

I actually asked ZFR to edit and correct the scale, given it is nothing AI, but was denied and recommended EBWOP.

Now back to the serious stuff.

SirDerivativeshape: Oh, I get it. It's just Lift bypassing the 10 minute rule?
It can't be Lift. That user just copied part of Lift's post right before it. It has to be a bot.

SirPrimalform: Hold up, did trent just hammer?
agentcarr16: Looks like a lynch to me, mate.
Ouch. Goodbye poor Flocke, remember what I wrote above and I hope you can have fun playing together with us in future games.
Considering the circumstances, it's good we finally got a lynch. On the other hand, trent's hammer feels off. Pity it wasn't Joe in the end.
just in case there was a miscalculation, to avoid a NL as EOD approaches fast
(yes, i know this 1st-half of this post is a waste of time)

@ZFR Vote FlockeSchnee

@Joppo, quibble: "But the fact it is impossible to verify barring a cop investigation also means it's a very convenient role for scum to hide behind." it is possible to verify after toMorow Night--ZFR himself will verify it.
SirPrimalaxe: What up peepholes?
Someone get this Muggle off the field.
FlockeSchnee: Are you suggesting I should vote for you instead of trentonlf? Or are you suggesting that you're not town?
Yog was likely suggesting he'd hammer you to avoid us going to nolynch even though you're not one of his top suspects.

FlockeSchnee: "The Pooka Vote" was kind of a test. The expected happened: All sorts of vote hopping. But apparently, I'm the only one thinking, that this is odd, so I should have gone with my "only scum read". I made that statement somewhere in the middle (?) of Day 1, so there could have been time for people to consider it. After all, they suddenly considered Pooka to be a viable option close to the end of day 1, all out of the blue. So why not trentonlf?
If you mean your vote today/D2: Because you just voted Trent close to the end of "today"(D2) with seemingly little to support need to give us things to go on to convince people your pick is scum and why we should vote for them.

FlockeSchnee: No, I stated, I can't use internet at work at all. That includes the commute home-work-back, because my handy doesn't have internet and fiddling with it while driving is unadvisable.
Maybe you should read every word, so you actually understand what you're reading?
I do read most stuff people write(I skip some stuff either by accident due to fast reading or due to not feeling like something needs to be replied to[Like if someone posts something someone else has brought up or someone posts fluff/flavor/silly posts or post parts])

Also that's work and the commute to-from work....what about at home(I assume you have an internet connected PC there)? Unless you're also busy at home, I don't see why you couldn't post as you read posts made by others to let us know your thoughts on such(As said before, I usually write up replies as I read so I can than post them when done reading each time...that works for me so it might work for you as well. I usually use a notepad to save my edits/replies so I don't lose progress as well)

FlockeSchnee: Even though I find it weird, that you corrected multiple people on their mistakes, but "conveniently forget" about things I post so you have a better explanation why you're voting me.
It's more likely I missed them when reading(with a ton of posts they tend to blur together after a bit)....also I forget a ton of things due to poor memory IRL, sadly(That's why I now write some things that catch my eye down in other notepads on the PC).

If I missed or forgot something you said then I apologize, and I lean you a little less scum as of now, but you're the best suspect I have atm that has a wagon going so you can likely see the pickle i'm in here.....I don't want to vote for Micro as he is more likely to be town, and the other wagons are very unlikely to get to then what do I do & what do all of us town do to avoid a nolynch? :\

FlockeSchnee: So every post anyone makes is a revelation to you?
Not all, but a good number of posts(wording/what is said and NOT said by players, etc) do....and that's what we're supposed to do as posts and use them to determine(along with other methods) who is scum or not. One(as town) needs to read each post that needs scrutiny carefully and know what posts/post sections to bypass or skim, and then be able to build a list of reads based on that to play optimally, imo.

FlockeSchnee: If I don't state specifics it's save to assume I didn't notice anything to make me change my mind about anything.
So you haven't noticed MUCH if ANYTHING in the majority of 800+ posts by others beyond the bits you brought up? Really? That (if you're town) would seem to indicate you either don't have a grasp on how to play the game(as town) optimally yet or you're not very attentive in general & need to scrutinize certain posts that seem interesting to you a bit more.

FlockeSchnee: Let me point to my work/commuting situation (again). What else do you want from me?
I wasn't talking about work, but time spent at home(I assume you don't stay at work 24/7?).

Question(So I can weigh your IRL issues more fairly when making my reads list): How long do you work per day and how long is the commute to-from work, per day, on average? Or even how much time do you spend at home rather than on those other two things?

(@OP: Above is NOT a vote)

FlockeSchnee: Like I stated I expected to be the Day-1-village-idiot-lynch. I don't expect any less now.
Well most of us won't/don't lynch a new player on D1, so that likely would never have happened.

As for now: Don't give up.....if you are town and want to keep playing you need to fight fight fight for it. :)

Also again, I hope none of what I said or others said affected your perception of the game/how much you might like it.....this is just part of the game(i.e. people criticize and scrutinize others all in the spirit of the game) & not meant to be taken seriously/to heart. As such, I do hope you'll continue playing with us and possibly think about future games maybe as well. :)

FlockeSchnee: I get that, problem is: I don't know if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing. And I doubt it would be good to just blurt it out and I can't aks ZFR for obvious reasons.
You can/could point out posts that stand out as odd(by the player you voted for), for example.....and YES you can ask ZFR via PM what is ok to post and what isn't if you have questions....that is what the PMs are for in these games(re: asking the OP things one needs info on about the game). :)

FlockeSchnee: I have a theory what might be going on here, but I don't know if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing. And I doubt it would be good to just blurt it out and I can't ask ZFR for obvious reasons.
If you have a theory then post it, and if you're in doubt if the post might break rules then run it by OP/ZFR first via his PM.

FlockeSchnee: Someone should have told me this is an advanced setting, where I actually have to know about mechanics and what I'm doing to be of any use to my team.
It's not advanced....this is how the game normally players that don't scum hunt(past D1, which is usually a good deal of joke posts & misc. talk) much or post much get suspected more(as scum often post less to hide from town) or are less useful(technically speaking) than those who post more reads/etc.

i.e. The game is a reads/deduction type game, and town players need to do both whenever possible to help town find scum.

FlockeSchnee: Carradice's, post 587: Rare Neutral? We are looking for scum and scum is looking for our potential PRs? So: What neutral?
Some games have third parties with various win conditions.

FlockeSchnee: ConsulCaesar, post 648: Why does he think Cop results were announced?
Because they were(in the opening post of D2 by ZFR).....if nothing else you should make sure to read the OP/ZFR posts(especially start of "day" posts, vote count posts) carefully.

FlockeSchnee: Microfish_1, post 703: Why does he confuse Cop with bodyguard?
Likely because at that time he was scrambling to post his claim/etc to avoid a lynch....that's my guess, at any rate.

FlockeSchnee: ConsulCaesar, post 802: Why does he confuse Microfish_1 and me?
It likely was a brainfart(i.e.a mistyping).....that can happen when posting quickly with time constraints.

FlockeSchnee: Microfish_1, post 854: Why does he confuse Lift and yogs? (The amazon thing.)
I dunno how to reply to this one atm(brain waking up) so i'll leave it for others to answer.

FlockeSchnee: SPF could have hammered Pooka. SPF actually asked Pooka if he wants SPF to switch his vote to him. Pooka's reply was along the lines of "pick someone else" with an "I don't care who" added to it. How come noone thinks SPF scum? And how does that go with Pooka's statement of "week lynches hurt town more then they help" (or something like it)? What's with all the weirdness going on?
All good questions and thank you for bringing up the SPF thing....hopefully we will get an answer on all this.

(@SPF: What say you to the above bit by Flocke?)

(@OP: Above is NOT a vote)

Also to Flocke: The above ending bits with all the questions is a very good attempt at town kudos for that and for asking definitely lowers you a bit in my scum rankings, at any rate. I will read more of your/other player's posts in a bit and then reply as soon as I can reply as well(reaching post text limit with just this reply to you). :)

*Done to post 857...will read and reply more in a bit*
Last post before the flip/N2:
(@OP: Above is NOT a vote)

SirPrimalform: This is D1: Part II right now.

And I love all the BttF films, but I'm not sure 3 is actually a good film...
My bad, I thought you were calling D2 D1: Part III.

Also yeah it's not the best film of all time, but imo it had it's cheesy/fun/pretty decent moments.

SirPrimalform: I think you might be getting confused. Pooka was no-where near being hammered (just in case this is a terminology problem, hammering is the final vote that actually pushes their lynch through).
I did as well when replying to that bit in post everyone please disregard my flub/mistake(I really should've looked back at the votecount before replying to that bit). :)

JoeSapphire: Sorry I missed all of yesterday. The move was tough but we managed it, and things should be a bit more settled now.
That's good to hear....hope you're getting settled in then(I know from experience how draining a move can be). :)

JoeSapphire: I've made reads in this style in other mafia games that I've played with pooka: It's my favourite part of the game, thinking about what I understand of a person's character and deciding whether what they're saying is out-of-character and why that might be.
That sounds like a good strategy to combine with others.

JoeSapphire: Dang. I think I did wrong to vote FlockSchnee in the first place. I want to unvote him now, but his flip will be more valuable than a quick-lynch of another person. Still, I feel mean.
You're like right, and I also felt that way as well(especially so now that he's lynched....I do hope he won't be soured off the game because of this, at any rate, and will try the game again some day :))

JoeSapphire: GameRager and Microfish: I do some acting and playing for professional theatre, but this week just gone I was doing tech for A-Level Drama performances in the college I work at. Fun but knackering!
Sounds cool.....I always wanted to give it a try(did some line reading in english/etc in primary school...I was like the only one or so that gave an effort while everyone else read their lines like they were reading off of a menu[i.e. very dry and bland] o.0)

PookaMustard: Interview went OK, not terribly bad but not too excellent either, however I learned some things that I should definitely be more aware of next time. I might have a second interview at that company, and I might not, but either way, I also have an interview this upcoming Saturday.
Good to hear and good luck with what happens next, btw. :)

SirPrimalform: Uhhhhhhhhhh... Who's this shloub? A random stranger or a player forgetting they're logged into an alt?
I think post 868 is a spammer(note the joined date) unless LIFT tells me otherwise via PM, I will be reporting that account to the CMs

(@OP: Above is NOT a vote)

trentonlf: The gut feeling I was getting from FlokeSchnee being scum has been based on his absence and lack of meaningful posts, felt like he was trying to hide, but his post explaining why he has been absent and what he has posted since makes me hesitate to lynch him now and ConsulCaesar is next scummiest on my list.
Fair enough, but up until he got lynched(I am writing this AFTER looking ahead, though Post 890 was written before I knew he was lynched) he kept pointing out his WORK and COMMUTE times as IRL reasons why he couldn't post much, when I was ALSO asking about his HOME TIME as well....he seemingly either missed that I was asking about that or avoided it on purpose(We will know once ZFR posts the player lynch blurb).

FlockeSchnee: That said, my claim:
I am Professor Flitwick, House Ravenclaw. I am a Vanilla Townie.
This sounds "off"....most players that have been verified or who claimed have claimed STUDENT'S NAMES.....not teachers.

Microfish_1: Rats. I wanted to take Flocke to lunch it if it had to be done because others weren't hopping on the yogsmobile.
And I was hoping with the time and chances given that Flocke(if town) would've tried his best to stay in the game.

But it seems either he's a town who got burnt out/overwhelmed with the game and decided to give up(..:(....), or a scum who also decided to give up.

Microfish_1: Please elaborate on your theory--it seems you were taken to lunch while i was asleep; >:( you have literally nothing to lose, and as it seems you and RW are the only ones who mentioned it come forth please (if allowed? i'd like a vet to answer on this subject) and tell us. At least give a starting point--which characters are involved?
Afaik that's not allowed once one is lynched, sadly, and even if it IS & Flocke was town...well Flocke went to bed, so no chance for him to state such before ZFR drops the flip post/tells us all to be quiet for the "night". :\

*GR looks towards the field with his newly polished monoculars....he sees all the students milling about, but his eyes focus on Yog & Trent with interest(and also to a lesser extent Pooka, SPF, Joe, and Caesar)

He then takes a sip from his portable potion flask tucked in his robe, as he watches the goings on a bit more while thinking and musing
I see we have a hammer and no end-of-Day notice from ZFR yet.

@Flocke: as others have said, if you do appear here before ZFR closes the Day, you are still allowed to post. We're in Twilight. That means, votes/unvotes won't change anything anymore but we can still talk. So I, as well, would ask you to tell us everything about your theory. It doesn't matter if it's just in your head. We can still discard it if we think it unlikely. But we can't think about it if you don't tell us what it is. The 'check posts 300-350' is too vague. I can't make out what you mean.

@SPF: nope. Not my bot or alt that quoted me there. The only one with alts around here is you.
It seems that the multiple spells cast on FlockeSchnee have finally taken their toll. He sits down on the grass, and wipes his face with a handkerchief.

"Must be the sun... such nice weather..." he remarks, then passes out.

Dumbledore checks his pulse, casts monojuicio and orders someone to take him to Madam Pomfrey's.

FlockeSchnee is dead. He was Professor Flitwick (Ravenclaw), Vanilla Townie.

Day 2 has ended. Please stop posting here.

Night 2 will last about 48 hrs.
The alt copy/pasted exactly the post above. 100% bot.
Final Day 2 Vote Count

Flocke 7 - joppo, Lift, Joe, GameRager, ConsulCaesar, agent, trent
Micro 2 - yogs, SirPrimalform
Caesar 1 - Carradice
yogs 1 - Micro
trent 1 - Flocke
Joe 1 - Pooka

Everyone else - 0
Not voting -

13 Players. Takes 7 to lynch.

When you see a vote count, please take a moment to make sure your name is against the correct person.
Professor Flitwick is barely taken away when blue sparks fill the air again.

A Cop investigation has been used during the Night.

When the sparks disappear you see that SirPrimalform has fallen to the ground. You quickly gather around him. His nose is bleeding badly and he's unconscious.

Dumbledore stops the bleeding and casts Monojuicio. The face changes into that of Pansy Parkinson.

SirPrimalform is dead. He was Pansy Parkinson (Slytherin), Mafia Goon.

Off to Madam Pomfrey's. The Tournament continues.

Day 3 has started. You may post now.
Go Slytherin!
This was... unexpected. But a big relief! Now waiting for Micro's claim to be confirmed or denied on Day 4 is a lot less risky.

So... either there's a redirector. or the mafia kill was stopped by other means (doctor/roleblocker) AND someone else with killing powers (which didn't show on Night 1) had a lucky shot. Too many coincidences for option B? Any other explanations for only a mafia killed at night?

Need to go back an check SPF's behavior. Interesting that he wasn't on the Flocke bandwagon.

There are also two investigations used alrady. I trust the cop's common sense to come out or keep his identity secret, whatever benefits the town the most.
Good. The cop survived and has had two theoretically successful investigations.

At the same time, we got scum in the personhood of SirPramOrFilm (note I had proposed SirLampForRim might be scum due to SirMrAmirFlop's lurkiness and proposed that SirProfLamRim might be playing as a role of bg scum subtly leaning on this and that--and doing a very good job of it, too!)

Also, if @pooka and @GR (if I remember correctly; I'm sure about Pooka) is right in calling this role madness, we just found two vanilla players.

Super mega congrats to the one who took out SirLamFirProm!
SirPrimalform: Go Gryffindor!
I think this is what SirLaFirmRomp meant to say, and I am sure that it is indeed what SirMrMailProf would have said had, had SirFloraMrImp been on our team. :D
Congrats to SirMrFailRomp for a well played game! Enjoy the observer chat, SirMopMrFrail and SirDerivativeShape!

In all seriousness, I really enjoy this game, playing with y'all, and am obviously having way too much fun with SPF's list.
I also want to give warning that I will be away on a trip from Friday to Sunday visiting family. I don't know if I will be able to, but I'll try to check the game.