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Even better: Guilty Child. Gets scum-confirmed by mod D1.
ZFR: Even better: Guilty Child. Gets scum-confirmed by mod D1.
We got one of those! He's called Lifthrasil
Carradice: @ConsulCaesar: Had you as the SK for so long... :) Your game was seen improving and improving Day by Day from Madam Pomfrey's. Cheers for the days to come as about everyone in Spain is facing a real challenge these days, with more to come.
Thank you. So far I am adapting well to the quarantine, and I have started to work from home. Our responsibility is to protect ourselves to protect each other.

As for the game, my regret was "outing" you as a power role. It was just me thinking aloud, but in Mafia once you say something you can't take it back. I tried to not mention it again, and I was glad that you survived long enough to use your powers. I still don't understand how I managed not to get lynched.

Other than that, I stand by my decision to analyze claims and night actions openly. I think it helped catch scum (for example, deducting that Joe had to be an SK for everything to make sense). The town should know when not to reveal something delicate and the scum are forced to lie and therefore more likely to make mistakes. It gel4 like something unusual, even a taboo, in the games in the GOG forum so I hope you guys enjoyed something out of the norm.
Argh! I forgot to invite you to the new game sign-up.

I hope you don't think I didn't want you to play!


Play with us!
Carradice: 1) Trying to have Carradice lynched early. Discussed in the game thread and on Madam Pomfrey's. It was an action so predictable that it was labelled "the mousetrap". Joe started it and Joppo gave it a nudge as well. So far they had done great at being perfectly townie for everyone else (especially Joppo).
OPINION: A less predictable line might have been more useful. Especially since there were viable alternatives (including 3 below).
JoeSapphire: Do you mean Day 3? I genuinely wasn't trying to get you lynched! I voting for Pooka the whole time - It was never my intention to sow suspicion among the confirmed players, I just had a few thoughts that I thought worth asking you about.

When I thought about it, it was pretty clear that you were confirmed, (barring third-party godfathers which I didn't want to get people thinking about) but answering my questions would have helped me realise that a bit sooner. As it is, I felt you were overreacting to the smallest amount of suspicion, which could have been seen as a scum tell. In hindsight it would have been better tactically to ignore you, but then I wouldn't have been forced to false claim, which was a lot of fun, so.
It was the move that was being expected: moving against the confirmed players in order to accelerate the destruction of the cleared-players-base that play lines and GR's cop shots had built: Agent and Carradice. Plus Lift who was not cleared but at the time was regarded mostly as town.

Remember this scene in The Godfather? It was like that. Whoever did it, required his town credentials to be thoroughly revised :)
Carradice: Remember this scene in The Godfather? It was like that. Whoever did it, required his town credentials to be thoroughly revised :)

They made a movie based on a Mafia role. How cool is that?
Near the end of the scumchat.


OK, I have no idea where to begin. Good catch on yogs for concluding I had a "power" role. To be honest, I was playing in a way that had me subtly allude to having a PR, in hopes the mafia kills me and finds out they just got themselves a freaking miller. But somehow I had managed to see the end of the game alive, when I was trying - hoping - to join the observer thread instead. With Joppo. That played out very well.

Okay, about the Mafia being stronk, I thought for a moment they had two killing roles. But then some people (probs Caesar?) suggested a limited kind of SK, and I immediately thought that idea is very very probable, and before we knew it, Joe just handed his real claim on a platter of gold.

It was then down to figuring out who the last scum was. As SPF and yogs were noting, Joppo was very good at looking Town. He wasn't so lucky with his claim and double clearing me (at least he was lucky in that I didn't pay particular attention to him saying I did nothing when I should have done something to myself), and it was down to him or Lift. No-lynch was approaching and before I knew it, I just switched from Lift to Joppo. Not big of a deal, I was convinced both of them were strange and I was just as happy to off the other; but concerned we wouldn't off the correct one before MLyLo.

Oh right, I remembered. Joppo will find this useful.
My pronouns are he/his. Being referred with "she/her" kind of, uhh, how do I say it. I like it actually (no sarcasm). I find it cute. Unfortunately, behind this anime girl avatar is yet another guy. Now what else...

I'm still finding it odd that I managed to live as long as I did with a miller claim of all things. My whole role's purpose was to distract Town, and it absolutely failed at doing that, for good. I dunno why that is, could it be that I convinced everyone that miller was so like Neville? I actually anticipated much more pushback, but I guess that's the setback of alignment indicative names and that reminds me of something else.

How weird is GOG Mafia compared to other places?
yogsloth: So mafia team had:
yogsloth! If you're still looking at this thread, my next game would be Mafia but also one that is the least like GOG. I'm thinking of stuff like lynching by vote numbers at day end (or no lynching by deliberately voting for it) instead of exclusively by hammer, 24/7 scumchat, that sort of jazz. If you were in my place, how would you do it? I felt your dissatisfaction as I progressed through the scumchat, and I'm interested in the same kind of Mafia games that you're playing.

I do agree with you that the roles were all over the place while you guys were poorly equipped, and there weren't enough modifiers to make GR less game breaking. Having you as a Mafia JOAT would have been a start, instead of the ONE role cop shot.

And I see ZFR mentioned the last game he hosted (before that one), "Previously on Mafia...". As one of the scum party from that game, it was actually designed according to C9++ dice rolls. So it was (as far as I know) balanced and, for the beginning of the game, luck was against our side.

I'll read the rest. Sometime. Maybe.