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madth3: ...
And thank you for the nice trade, madth3!
stg83: A word of caution to everyone regarding justaquickie who scammed <span class="bold">realkman666</span> and then bragged about it on the known scammers thread. Here is a link to his Steam profile (thanks to madth3) so that people trading can avoid being exploited.

justaquickie's Steam profile

justaquickie's Steamrep profile
Send a friend request, make him feel wanted so that he may become a better person.
realkman666: Send a friend request, make him feel wanted so that he may become a better person.
One can hope but unfortunately history suggests otherwise in this case. It is like a game to these guys and cheating others feels like winning to them.
A little bump to my Trade List since it got a major update adding many games to "Haves" to see if I can get my hands on any of my "Wants" :)

Please do check it since I have some nice "offerings" different than just "trading" ;)

Mind the gap!

Final Fantasy VIII


These games

- Binary Domain steam key

- Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle steam gift

- Defy Gravity Extended steam gift

- Oozi: Earth Adventure steam gift

- 2x Electronic Super Joy Groove City steam gifts


- TF2 key

- or Game offers

My steam profile :

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Wasteland 2
Divinity Original Sin

Dunno. Witcher 3?
Thank you to Raverok for a great trade!