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cmdr_flashheart: <snip>.
Getcomposted: Thank you, cmdr_flashheart, for a good trade.

Also, interested in $5 groupees

Will trade games for as many items as there are in the bundle (albums included).

Edit- forgot the list
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Bump Looking for alien shooter games and necrovision games
Thanks Impaler26 for a nice trade.
Thanks for the nice trade! :)
Now that I'm back, let me just bump my previous post.
Anyone have spare Grotesque Tactics 1&2 and Holy Avatar keys from various bundles?

See this list

just added:
Airship Dragoon (Steam)
Heileen 3: New Horizons - Deluxe Edition (Steam)
Whispering Willows (Steam)
The Mysterious Cities of Gold (Steam)
Eschalon: Book III (Steam)
BloodRayne 2 (GOG)
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Updated my trade list and my want list.
Eh, doesn't hurt to ask again does it, especially since the promo ends tonight. I'm looking to trade for Ultima 9: Ascension here on GOG. You can find my trading list HERE
Would like to trade for Lucius. It's currently in the IndieGala Every Monday Bundle.

Here's my HAVE list.

From Bundle Stars Titanium:
- Murder Miners
- Space Farmers
- Project Root

From Bundle Stars Breakneck:
- Ionball 2: Ionstorm


thanks Getcomposted, triock :)
pablodusk: enjoy!
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alexkoti: [Want]
From Humble Flash:
- Tiny Barbarian DX

From current Humble Weekly:
- Enemy Mind

Nice trading with you, alexkoti. :)
Getcomposted: Nice trading with you, alexkoti. :)
Yep, thanks for trading alexkoti. :)
alexkoti: ...
Thanks for the gift, alexkoti! :)
Looking for Consortium, Betrayer, Whispering Willows, and Meltdown from this bundle,

2 for each 1 I want.


Pm your offer :)
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