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mchack: Edit: Also it seems sufficiently non-violent, that I might be allowed to play it, although I'm german :D
Leroux: Are you kidding? It features dead animals and children! I'm amazed they didn't cut them from the game. ;)

Anyway, just so you know what to expect if you find someone to trade, the second copy becomes tradeable only after 30 days!
and it's not even on Tremor games.
Damn, I wish this bundle's highest tier was 8$
Zurvan7: you can always give it a try xD but for real, people should have the guts to say this title was free on gog and i want to trade it :p
Shmacky-McNuts: To be fair when I offer STALKER 1, I actually did pay for it. I just happen to have a code that still works on GOG and can trade the code for something else. =D

Which brings me to my other point of posting....

TRADING STALKER:SOC and 5 other Star Wars Games for SPAZ!!! lol

But seriously if anyone has SPAZ here on GOG or the movie Ink. I'll trade you all 6 games for just Ink, or either 5 SW games or S:SOC for SPAZ ^_^

....first edit I forgot the friggin link and now I just remembered the piece of crap "chat" thingy doesn't work...Oh well =(
Would you do SOC for Terraria on Steam?
I have recently updated my Have list with a number of Steam keys, so I'm BUMPing my tradelist.
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D&D Games
specially Neverwinter Nights 2 and Planescape Torment
GOG Games only.
Feel free to message me offers.

Where is my Heart?
Back to Bed
7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat
Deep Under the Sky
Valdis Story: Abyssal City
The Dream Machine 1+2+3
The Dream Machine 4
The Dream Machine 5

<span class="bold">and these</span>
***Interested gamers may pm me.***
***Thank you.***


Hack 'n' Slash
Trine 2
Sachys: As chat is crap for notifications, be sure to check it shortly for a Z.A.R.
Edit: you'll have to add me as I've blocked opn chat as theres no user specific block button to use on the numpties out there!
Grargar: Hello and sorry for not responding till now, as I fell asleep shortly after writing the post above. Thanks for the gift!
no worries!
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Hello, Trader people!
Bumping my Trade List for the Weekend Promo. Looking to trade generously with my Steam games list.

[Want - in order of desirability]
Worms United

My Trading List.
Part 1 (GOG + Humble Steam links)
Part 2 (Steam keys A-M)
Part 3 (Steam keys N-Z)
Part 4 (IndieGala Steam + misc. + Verified Trades List)

Thanks for reading.

[Edit: Oops, links didn't come through when I copied and pasted. Fixed now.]
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Getcomposted: snip
PM notifications haven't been working recently for me so I'm replying here to let you know I sent you a trade offer via PM.
Has anyone else had issues with posting big trading lists? It's either "processing" when making a new post or nothing is changed when trying to edit an existing post...
innerring: Has anyone else had issues with posting big trading lists? It's either "processing" when making a new post or nothing is changed when trying to edit an existing post...
These could be new problems but the processing thing can be if you messed up formatting somehow.

It'll do that if for instance one of the quotes isn't properly opened/closed. This forum is crap in so many ways tbh. Can't even CTRL-B for bold for instance... have to select and then bold, and then it'll jump back to the beginning of the post, great ...
NoxTM: I never made one successful trade in this thread and ended up just 'Giveaway'ing 'em all. Maybe they weren't up to snuff. Woes :'(. ?
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high rated
Impaler26: WANT (GOG):

Alien Breed + Tower Assault



And many Steam keys on my trade list.

I will trade multiple Steam keys for one GOG key.
Check your PM for a little gift ;)
Updated my list, added:

7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat (Steam)
Back to Bed (Steam)
Deep Under the Sky (Steam)
The Marvellous Miss Take (Steam)
Tengami (Steam)
This War of Mine (Steam)
Trine 2 Complete Story (Steam)
Valdis Story: Abyssal City (Steam)
Where is My Heart? (Steam)

I'm a sucker for Linux games, or anything on my wishlist: