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undeadcow: Many thanks to madth3 for recent generousity, very appreciated!
I just saw an opportunity to repay your generosity and took it.
Bumping my offer to buy you what you want from steam if you have these games (more info in the link).
Also got a free witcher 2 key up for graps
Bump before the promo ends.
So, here's my TRADE LIST

Since... there must be someone who buy the Don't Starve MEGA PACK currently on sale at Steam >>Click Here<< and has an extra copy of Don't Starve Together (hoping the "region locked steam crap" doesn't crush my dreams)

Or at least a copy of Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC

Pl-pl-pl-please! u.u
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koima57: Thank you; @pablodusk for our trade...
And thank you! :)

I've updated my post.
Thanks for the trade lthompson-22

~sorry couldn't find a post by this person withing last 25 pages, to quote.
Itsy (Foil) Holiday Sale 2014 Foil Trading Card

Scourge Outbreak Ambrosia Bundle from the IndieGala Friday Special Bundle
Have: Penguin Arena: Sedna's World (steam key)

Want: Offers
Next year there will be a series of giveaways hosted by yours truly and majority of games from my have list are going into prize pool, so I'll just bump it up once again as if there is anything interesting you see this may be your last chance to trade for it (with me).
List Updated.
Interested by new release :
Drox Operative
Drox Operative DLC - Invasion of the Ancients


Cold Fear (Steam)

from recent bundles

Knights of Honor
11th Hour
Cognition GOTY
The Lost Crown


will trade multiple bundle keys (depends on a bundle tier) for a single key
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- Din's Curse + Din's Curse: Demon War

- This
- Or, please point me to your 'wanted' list and I'll see if I can make you an offer based on it.



I'm looking for GOG keys for these games for a friend.
- Arma Gold Edition
- Arma: Cold War Assault
- Arma 2: Combined Operations
- Original War

Please message me if you have a key for any of these games. Thanks!
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