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Have: Wasteland 1: The Original Classic (GOG Gift Code)

Want: The Witcher
Final update before the promo sale ends.

I can buy (at full discount) individual games from the following bundles:
* Prince of Persia Pack
* The Witcher Tag Team
* Heroes of Might and Magic Series
* Rayman Series
* Age of Wonders Pack
* Loads of Larry Love
* FPS Icons
* Gabriel Knight Classic
Shadowrun Returns (GOG)
Z: The Game (GOG)

Neverwinter Nights Diamond (GOG)
Sam & Max Save the World (GOG)
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no more trades for me for now
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Gonna try this here...

I have Steam keys for Unreal Tournament III and most of the classic Half-Life games and expansions with the exception of Counter-Strike Condition Zero, plus a Starcraft key that activates on

I'd like to trade these for a couple of GOG games from the sales at the highest discount possible (so you don't spend much money.) I'd go first, and if the keys do not work, then you don't give me a thing.

I traded a bunch of Starcraft keys here years ago, and I've been a member of the forum for quite a while. I just don't post here much these days. :p

PM me if you're interested.
Succesful trade with Ingsoc85

One more on my list and more to come!

duk3nuk3m: ...
Good trade with duk3nuk3m. Keep kicking ass and maybe chewing bubble gum!
Thanks for the trade, Grilledfish. :)

Steamkeys for:

-The Baconing (Humble Gift)
-Superfrog HD (Humble Gift)
-Ravensword: Shadowlands (Humble Gift)
-Paper Monsters Recut (Humble Gift)
-Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
-Broken Sword: Director's Cut

GOG Gift:

-The Witcher


Anything on sale, anywhere.
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Updated my trade list again.
I trade crussader kings 2 and three DLCs for primal carnage or murder miners (STEAM)
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Looking to obtain Demonicon - The Dark Eye from Bundlestar's Killer Bundle
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