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Looking for Humble Flash Sale and other live bundles.
Grargar: According to this 5 months-old thread, trying to launch a Uplay game purchased from Steam, requires both clients to be running at the same time.
Well, that sucks. Thanks for telling me, that seriously decreases my eagerness to buy it.
Oh my! I just saw that Doorways: The Underworld is bundled! :o This is high HIGH up on my wishlist, so I hope that I have something one of you would like on My Trade List!
Bump on Steam Autumn Sale
Things I'm looking for that are currently on bundles:

Cognition Season One from Indie Gala's Friday Special (I got the game, but I'm missing Chapter 4. Don't expect me to trade anything major for it, though, 'cos I'll only be getting a quarter of game out of it :p ).

As always, my haves (and my other wants) are right here

Edit: Thanks to innerring for Nights into Dreams! :D
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Want (GOG)
A Bird Story
Blackwell Epiphany
Terminal Velocity

Have (GOG)
Gray Matter
Jade Empire: Special Edition
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

See my complete trade list here, send a PM if you want to trade.
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Hello everyone, im looking for a copy of homm3 on gog. I have those games to trade for it. Dont be shy , make an offer. Those are for steam. :D
Ittle dew
Gun monkeys
Renegade ops
Xcom apocalypse
Xcom interceptor
Xcom terror from the deep.
thanks for a great thread, wish you all the best.
cya ^_^
Interested in Crimzon Clover: World Ignition

Can offer these in return.
Thanks for the smooth trade helpo1!

Another trade, another update to the trade list.

Viking: Battle for Asgard (from Humble Bundle)


This is what I have or I can try to find something from your wanted list.