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Hello Peeps!

I have the following GOG Keys to trade:
Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader
Bloodrayne 2
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Kingpin: Life Of Crime
Shogo: Mobile Armor Divison
World Rally Fever: Born On The Road

I also have a large list of Steam game keys as well, will post a Link to it when the gog forum allows me to.
Also open to any other interesting offers.

Thanks for reading.
I'm looking to get either the full Hitman bundle, or even individual games out of it. Here's my trade list:
Hi guys! Just looking to get one item before the sale expires.

- DLC: Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars

- A large mix of GOG, Steam, and Desura games in this Google Sheet.

Here's the list of people I've traded with.

PM me if you're interested! I'd be happy to trade a large number of my keys for the item on my wishlist. Thanks for reading!
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Thanks for another good trade Tannath
wanderer_27: snip
Thank you wanderer_27 for another good trade.
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Hello again everyone. I am wondering if someone can trade/gift the games, Anvil of dawn, and Darkstone. The total for these games is 5.98usd. I will offer 10usd, for any game(s) available on steam.

Im new on the GOG site and have only traded once. I do understand the etiquette of the GOG site. If you have a reliable trade record everything should go ez pz.
Jeets, I was not trying to rip anyone off. It takes seven days to unlock the game and movie, and when I posted there were less than seven days left. I thought someone may have wanted the movie from the promo but had missed their chance. I wasn't forcing anyone to take it, and I figured I probably wouldn't get any takers and that I would have to give it away. I don't watch lets plays or other things about video games, but I know some people like them, so I thought it was worth offering on here. This is a small, mostly honest community, and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to feel ripped off!
thanks for a nice trade expopower
apehater: thanks for a nice trade expopower
Yep! Thanks for the good trade!
Hey I have an extra The Witcher 2 GOG key if anyone wants to trade :) Just pm me
*BUMP* my tradelist

From the Fall Promo bundles the only games left that might interest me are:
* SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition
* Wing Commander: Privateer
* Privateer 2: The Darkening

I own all the games in the following bundles, so I can buy games for trade from them:
* Mount & Blade series
* Deponia Trilogy
* Mystified Bundle
* Thief series
* Wadjeteye Retroventures
* Fedora Deluxe Pack
* Hitman Classics
* Legacy of Kain saga
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