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Sorry for the Bump
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Bump, bump, Warning!, Bumper Madness! Super Jackpot!! Chain x10 Extra Ball, WARNING!!, Treasure Lane is L.....TILT, TILT, TILT....Ball lost
I'm looking for a game from Fall sale bundles:




Bad Mojo Redux
Dracula 4 + 5
Icewind Dale Complete
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
PixelJunk Monsters HD
Syndicate Plus

And some Steam and Desura games on my trade list.

** Thanks for another smooth trade, Grargar! :) **

Thanks a lot for the nice gift, ninja-gifter whose name eludes me! :)

Your generosity just magically added a few more games to my forthcoming December GA. :D
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Now that the sale is ending, let me post the games I want from it:

- Desktop Dungeons + Goatperson DLC
- Lands of Lore 3

In return, I have these games to offer. Alternatively, I can buy individual games from the following bundles with full discount:

Best of Bullfrog
Heroes of Might & Magic Series
Theme Rollercoaster
Thief Series
Ultima Series
The Ultimate D&D Collection
Wing Commander Saga

Thanks for another nice trade, Impaler26!
Thanks for the gifts!
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Bumping for the sale finale :

Added MousCraft & SimCity 2000 Keys.

Also, I can buy individual games from these Bundles :

Ultimate D&D
Mystified Bundle
Indie Puzzlers
Thief Series
Fedora Deluxe Pack

For a good offer, I could probably do these individually as well (short one game I could add)

Sim & Prosper
Spiderweb RPGs
Wadjet Eye Retroventures
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I have The Witcher 2 DRM code, I am willing to trade for any junk.
Thanks Ingsoc85 for squaring our trade mix up :)
Have xcom terror from the deep, xcom apocalypse, some other xcoms,teleglitch hb links.
need heores of might and magic 3 trade or gift if you have pare one
Thanks to DedIago for our 2nd trade during these sales.
Some new stuff.
I'm particullary interested in Chaos of Deponia and Our Darker Purpose, if you're willing to trade anything of mine for them, send me a message.
HertogJan: Thanks to DedIago for our 2nd trade during these sales.
Thank you too.