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BeatriceElysia: Thank you for nice trade, Alexim
Thank you!
Do people know Donpeste?
Post edited March 12, 2018 by BeatriceElysia
Thank you to Beatrice Elysia for a quick and good trade!

I'm looking to take on some more unwanted Leprechaun hats as people get them.
Thanks yogsloth for nice trade
Looking for these games:

STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed I and II at full discount
Rogue Trooper Redux
Xanadu Next
Ghost of a Tale
Attack of the Earthlings
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FTL - Faster Than Light


Little King's Story
Ironclad Tactics
The Escapists
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars X-Wing
Star Wars Tie Fighter

My key expires tomorrow on the 13th, so I probably won't be too picky regarding offers.
I'm also looking for somebody to help me with a trade for STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed I and II at full discount.
Both games are around $9.99, so maybe we could trade for something of equal value you'd like from the current sale.

I realize this request would would only be beneficial to me, but this is GOG and its community is generous enough to help in such situations.
WANT (from the Sale)
- Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition


Thanks! =)

Want: Vampire®: The Masquerade - Bloodlines™

I am willing to trade multiple games for this or anything on my wishlist. Make me an offer.
Looking for a spare Death Gate GOG key.PM me and we can make a deal ;).Cheers

Robin Hood: the Legend of Sherwood

Want: Pretty open to anything, steam or gog keys. - Successfully traded with Alexim for the rest of keys.
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If someone has found a duplicate key in the mystery hats for Planet Nomads, maybe we could make a deal.
Nothing to offer right now, but you can ask for anything that has the same price (a.k.a. 3$).
Thanks Lone_Scout for smoot and quick deal.
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WANT (from the Sale)
- Stories Untold


Thanks! ^^
Completed trade with yogsloth
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