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Added "Tabletop Simulator" to my want list!
Fallout: New Vegas GOG

GOG trade in Post 4416
GOG current promo

Please reply this post in case PM messed up again, thanks!
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If anyone has a trade code of a game called ARMA 2 Combined Operations, "PLEASE PM ME" if you are will to trade with something in the GOG store for reasonable price.

WANT (from the RPG Sale)
- Beyond Divinity
- Shadowrun Returns


Thanks! =)
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HAVE : :

- The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition (includes The Elder Scrolls Online base game and The Morrowind Chapter).
Account required on


GOG games only.

Something from my GOG Wishlist or any GOG offer (except past freebies) !

Traded with : Innerring, Wanderer_27, Grynn, Grargar, DebbieL, r0nn.
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Dgaart: Dgaart's Trade List:


Stardew Valley
Nuclear Throne

Steam or other:
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
Salt and Sanctuary
Hollow Knight
Other stuffs, will update soon - feel free to make offers :-)
Hey, Dgaart, I hope you're well?

I hope I'm not overstepping bounds here, but would you like to add me on Steam so we can chat about a possibly trade?

TL/DR:- You can skip to the bottom of this thread, if you feel the need. I am sorry for the length of the post, I waffle on about all kinds of stupid stuff when I'm tired and I can't honestly remember the last time I actually have slept, so I'm kinda mentally exhausted right now.

Unfortunately, I have nothing from your GOG Wishlist but I would be interested in seeing your Steam Wishlist, in case there were some entries that I had that we may be able to agree a fair exchange with, for the 2 titles I left listed above. I have an absolute buttload of Steam titles that are available for trade, (I also have Origin and uPlay games), so my intention is to arrive at a mutual decision where we are BOTH happy with what we got out of it, (if that doesn't happen, then in my view it's not a successful trade!)

My Steam Profile is <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">HERE</span></span> and, should you feel the need, my SteamRep profile is <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">HERE</span></span> and my SteamTrades Profile is <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">HERE</span></span>. If you don't use Enhanced Steam, PLEASE double check by using the Steam Profile links on all the sites to cross reference and verify that it's actually ME that you're talking to.

TL/DR, AS PROMISED:- I have had an imposter in the past who successfully scammed several users by changing his profile to look exactly like mine and then he posted the link to my SteamTrades Rep score in the Steam chat window. They clicked it, saw the Rep score and believed it was me, (despite the massive difference in games owned and level). With Enhanced Steam, a users profile has their TRUE SteamTrades and SteamRep Profile linked on the right hand side of the page, (like in the image posted below, showing my profile), so there is very little chance of a scam taking place. Hopefully the arrow pointing to the relevant section is big enough ;)

If I HAVE overstepped my bounds and caused any offense with this post, please accept my most sincere apologies. That was the furthest thing from my intention when replying. I don't want to come across as arrogant and/or ignorant and, if you do check out my SteamTrades Rep score, I'm sure you'll come to the conclusion that I try my absolute best to be a polite and fair trader. I would hate for anybody to think I may be implying any negative situations with what I have posted.

Thank you for your time and, regardless of your reply, I wish you a great day!

Kind regards

PhantomTa2 <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">STEAM PROFILE</span></span> and, should you feel the need, my SteamRep profile is <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">STEAMREP PROFILE</span></span> and my SteamTrades Profile is <span class="bold"><span class="podkreslenie">STEAMTRADES PROFILE, WITH REP SCORE</span></span>.
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*Puff! Offer expired!*
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WANT from the current promos (GOG only, in order of preference):
Darkest Dungeon

HAVE (lots of GOG, even more Steam):
These (post 6538).

Here (post 72).
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Interested in:
From active promo
Icewind Dale EE

From recent promos
Goat Simulator GOATY

In return can offer:
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Trade list bump

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Post removed.
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