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high rated
CONTENT WARNING: Excessive swearing
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"Come in, folks." Aybak signalled with his hands for the guards to come in. He had an agenda with a couple of names, accompanied with some checkboxes:

01. supplementscene (Tareq Gamal)
02. Lifthrasil (Lathif ben Rasil)
03. SirPrimalform/SirMrFailRomp (Belal al Nawar)
04. ZFR (Khaled al Adeeb)
05. Microfish_1 (Mohamed Salem)
06. gogtrial34987 (Abd-al-atheem Maaroof)
07. dedoporno (Faraam Nazari)
08. Vitek (Basil ibn Layth)
09. Carradice (Ahmad ibn Fadlan)
10. trentonlf (Faris al Adham)
11. JoeSapphire (Abd-allah al Jameel)
12. GameRager/yogsloth (Achmed ibn Hamam)
13. FlockeSchnee (Sagi Hashem)

Each one of the guards entered the Golden Throne room one by one. They all wore the uniform of the Guard: a vest of chainmail surrounded a red shirt and black pants. The red shirt had a white circle in its middle surrounded by orange waves, representing the flag of Egypt, or the Sun. All of them usually had a sword, shield, and a pistol, but Aybak stripped the guards of them just earlier.

Tareq was a buff, tough looking guy, but he seemed a bit sleepy today. His fierce eyes, combined with neatly trimmed beard and hair, didn't really do much to hide it. Next up was Lathif, a slim yet slightly ripped young looking dude who looked like he's been on adventures and beat up a guy or two. He flashed a wry smile to Aybak, who wondered "what the heck was up with him?" Belal looked like the typical prole you'd see shouting insults in the street, with hair that was slightly longer than the military would've liked. His forehead was well shaven too.

Khaled looked a little timid. From the way he looked, you wouldn't be wrong to think he wanted an easygoing life more than anything. A little chubby faced. Mohamed was a bit small, but his hair was all over the place. He neatly trimmed his mustache and left no beard, but his hair was a jungle. Abd-al-atheem Maaroof was a bit too chubby, but nothing else stood out except he had military hair (or near lack thereof). Faraam was strong and tall, shaved and with just enough hair to ruffle but not enough to drag him by their strands.

Basil looked like quite a young fighter, clenching his fists tight as if he were about to punch someone, though he wouldn't break from the formal walking pose imposed by the military. Ahmad looked like he could sing more than he could protect. You didn't know, but he had this…court poet like quality to him. He was muttering a poem under his mouth, which had a mustache. Faris seemed strong enough to crush anyone who stood in his way. From the way his extremely bearded face looked at Ahmad, he was on the verge of punching him. Of course, he didn't do that, because the Queen's punch was going to be a lot worse. Abd-allah al Jameel was following the military march as strictly as possible, that Aybak hasn't seen anyone do the march with such passion. The dude was also completely bald.

From the get-go, Achmed looked drunk as hell, hic-ing his way into the room. He was the oldest one in the bunch, with wrinkly skin and graying hair. Finally, Sagi came in, a slim man who was still wearing his trademark frown.

All the guards were ordered to stand in one line, and then turn around to face the Golden Throne, which was empty. A couple of agonizing minutes later, Queen Hoda al Shams had materialized from a door covered with a curtain from the left side. She sat down on the Throne, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it with her lighter. Taking a puff of the nicotine and exhaling, she started.

"Assalum alaykom, fine gentlemen." She said very gently. Aybak braced himself for the worst. It was like a calm volcano, but the heavy air told you it wouldn't take long to explode. "I've got a...quite concerning letter from one of you, gentlemen."

Aybak stood between the line and the Queen and read the letter in full.
To Your Highness,

We will take you off the Golden Seat. We'll also take your head off. We're already part of your new set of personal guards - but we won't tell you, that's your job to figure it out.

With regards,
Rebel Guards.
Of course, Aybak didn't read the line that thanked the Queen for privately executing the King. Just reading that line alone would toss him and the rest of the guards into the dungeon. Specifically, Hall 101, the last place any living being would want to be in.

The Queen took another puff. "Now. I know you all take this job very seriously, so I'm going to ask the jesters who wrote this to raise their hands. I promise I'll pretend it never happened, just be honest with me."

Murmurs were heard across the crowds. Stuff about why anyone would even begin to form the thought of playing a prank on Queen Hoda Fucking al Shams. Other murmurs about the possibility that the actual writer of this letter was the Queen herself and if she felt too bored or something, for the Queen would do anything if she were bored. And there were others who thought the Queen wanted to execute them all because she was a sadist who enjoyed seeing others suffer.

But none raised their hands.

The Queen took another puff, before tossing the cigarette aside onto the marble floor. "Fine. I'm fine with that. I'm fine, with having a bunch of assholes, write this to me." The crowd stopped talking. In fact, the room was so silent, some of the people could only hear their increasing heartbeats. She got up, getting closer to the group.

"So, here's the deal you worthless pieces of shit!" she shouted angrily. "I know those who are loyal to me would never betray me. So, each hour of this fucking awful day, all of you will decide on a guard to be tossed into the dungeons. If you knew what's good for you, those dicks would be in jail!"

Khaled timidly asked, "What if we end up throwing…innocents in there?"

"Good riddance! Jails are not only for criminals, habibi, they're for inept failures too!" She walked slowly over to the Throne, where she sat again. She pulled another cigarette and lit it, anger still coloring her face. After a puff, it seemed she calmed down. "There are only two ways this could end. Either the fucktards are imprisoned, or I am dead. Both are terrible fates for all of you. Show me how loyal you guys are. This is your first real test. Don't screw it up. Aybak, shut the doors."

Aybak did as was asked, shutting off a couple of doors. He tried shutting the last door from the outside, before the Queen interrupted him with "Habibi, you're not supposed to shut the door from the outside."

"What do you mean, your Highness?" Aybak asked a question he already knew the answer to.

"You're the original fuckup, habibi." She said in a disgustingly sweet voice. The voice she reserved for the times she was content. Aybak sighed. He shut the door with him inside and handed the keys to Hoda. For a while, the guards stood doing nothing, prompting the Queen to stand up furiously. "Are you fucking with me!? Get on with the show already!"
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SirMrFailRomp (7) - gogtrial, yogsloth, trentonlf, ZFR, supplementscene, Flockeschnee, JoeSapphire
Microfish (3) - Vitek, SirMrFailRomp, dedoporno
Lifthrasil (1) - Carradice
ZFR (1) - Microfish
Carradice (1) - Lifthrasil

-> SirMrFailRomp has been imprisoned. He was Town Compulsive Visitor.

-> gogtrial has been sent to medical care. He was Town One Shot Commuter.

Carradice (5) - trentonlf, Vitek, Lifthrasil, yogsloth, ZFR
ZFR (2) - Carradice, FlockeSchnee
yogsloth (2) - Microfish, dedoporno

-> supplementscene has been sent to medical care (via modkill). He was Town Doctor.
-> Carradice has been imprisoned! He was Mafia Role Cop

-> ZFR has been sent to medical care. He was Town Regular.

yogsloth (4) - Microfish, JoeSapphire, dedoporno, FlockeSchnee
Microfish (1) - yogsloth

-> yogsloth has been fired. He was Town Regular.

-> JoeSapphire has been sent to medical care. He was Town Regular.

Vitek (4) - Lifthrasil, trentonlf, dedoporno, FlockeSchnee

-> Vitek has been imprisoned. He was a Mafia Roleblocker.

-> Microfish has been sent to medical care. He was Town Tracker.

FlockeSchnee(3) - trentonlf, dedoporno, Lifhtrasil

-> FlockeSchnee has been imprisoned. She was Town Regular.
-> The Wild Rose Revolutionaries and Lifthrasil win!
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Hello and welcome to GOG Mafia #67 – Mamlakat al Shams! Do sit back and enjoy the duke out starring the guard cast!

This is a game of Forum Mafia, where two factions try to kill each other. To those not in the know, a typical game of Mafia consists of two factions: Town, which is the majority, but they don't know each other, and Mafia, which is the minority, but they know each other. During the Day, all players vote on a player to lynch (or in this case, imprison). During the Night, players with power roles can target other players to learn info or stop them from using their roles, and the Mafia may attempt to kill one member of the Town. You can learn more about the game in the Forum Mafia Administration Thread.

Before we delve into the game, here's a TL;DR for changes from the typical GOG Mafia game. They're found in more detail under VERY IMPORTANT RULES:
- If the day phase ends without a majority vote, the player with the most votes will be lynched. Hammers still work as usual. No-imprisonment/no-lynch is less likely but still possible.
- Non-town factions of two or more players have access to an always open private chat, day and night.
- Do not quote PMs. Do not even create fake PMs.

GOGFATHER RULES (See the Administration Thread for the full rules):
1. No cryptoclaiming.
2. Betting among players is forbidden.
3. Real life issues will always take priority over the game, but please don't abuse this.
4. Voting a player to imprison is a very important aspect of the game. To vote a player, write "VOTE" or "IMPRISON" followed by the player's name on a new line, all in bold. For example, IMPRISON BOOKWYRM. You don't have to type the player's full name, just enough to refer to one unique player, e.g. VOTE GOGTRIAL. You can also vote for no imprisonment to happen during the day, e.g. VOTE NO IMPRISON or VOTE NO LYNCH. To unvote, say UNVOTE (specifying the player being unvoted is unnecessary). If you vote a player then vote another, the previous played is automatically unvoted and the latest vote is counted instead.
5. A player is imprisoned either by majority vote (hammer), or by highest number of votes at End of Court Phase. The only times a no-imprison would occur is when there's a vote tie between two players (or one player and no imprison), or when there are no votes, or when no-imprison votes are the highest by end of day, or when no-imprison votes reach majority. If majority is attained in any case, then the Day ends regardless of unvoting or any remaining time.
6. Non-Town factions of two or more members have access to a 24/7 chat, running parallel to this thread.
7. Do not ever quote your PM. You are only allowed to claim your role, limitations, modifiers, alignment, factional powers, and teammates, but anything beyond those is a modkill. Do not ask for the exact wording or spelling of any legal claim, either. This applies to fake PMs just as well. If in doubt, please PM me.
8. You are expected to post at least once every 48 hours. If you're going to be away, please let us know as per Rule 3.
9. In-game Days (known as Court Phases) last seven days of real, Earth time. In-game Nights (Intrigue Phases) last two days of real, Earth time. As soon as the Day ends, a Twilight (Break Phase) occurs, where voting and night actions are suspended but not the thread and may take a variable amount of time to end due to my work.
10. Have fun!
11. When you are imprisoned, stop posting in this thread. A single bah post is allowed.
12. If you're not a player on the other hand, then don't post! You can comment on the state of affairs of the game in the observer thread. PM me for the thread link.
13. Do not edit your posts. Ever. If you need to edit a post, let me know in advance.
14. Bold any questions you have. You can also PM me.
15. The host of this game is Pookina and is moderated solely by me (as of now). I reserve judgment for penalties to breaking any of these rules. I also reserve judgment to interfere with the game when absolutely necessary, such as if you do things that go against the spirit of the game or community.
16. Flying over the Amazon using a hang glider in search of penguins is prohibited during this game.

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Court Phase 1 ends on Saturday, 20th June, 7PM London Time + any overtimes.
Nice to see you playing again VItek, missed you!

Vote Vitek
Muttering "this short detour was bad enough already, now it may end in a life in prison, probably a short one too" under my breath, barely moving my lips, I try to give Aybak an inconspicuous once-over. Did he do that? It seems he didn't expect to end up in here with us.

Let the game begin then.
Pookina: 03. SirPrimalform (Belal al Nawar)
I really must protest. I didn't sign up for this game.
Vote Sirprimalform for having multiple GOG accounts
supplementscene: Vote Sirprimalform for having multiple GOG accounts
I ' m n o t i n t h i s g a m e .
supplementscene: Vote Sirprimalform for having multiple GOG accounts
SirPrimalform: I ' m n o t i n t h i s g a m e .
Good idea to lynch you then
supplementscene: Vote Sirprimalform for having multiple GOG accounts
SirPrimalform: I ' m n o t i n t h i s g a m e .
I'm tempted to vote you for trying to make us wirte SMFR as an aconym for you. How could you!

Of course, whom I really suspect for getting me into this mess right now
Vote Aybak
SirPrimalform: I ' m n o t i n t h i s g a m e .
supplementscene: Good idea to lynch you then
Can we ly-
...embarrass anyone who's not in the game then?

It lives.

Vote FlockeSchnee for not having any profile picture.
Do I need to unvote to vote?

Vote SMFP for his dumb shenanigans.