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I believe Joppo was or at least claimed tracker, when he was Mafia in one of the previous games, maybe even the same one where Micro was IC (Innocent Child)

Mostly the things I stated before:
You and Lift maybe using "didn't read PM" to "light distancing" from each other.
You and Joe teaming up on the Mason and "irregular VT".
Some interactions between you and Micro.
But that could be just TownDedo interacting with a lot of people and I see things that aren't there. Obviously they can't all be Mafia. Considering, no one else seems to not see any harm in any of that, it's probably seeing things that aren't there. Or I just don't know how to put them in a perspective that would make all this unrelated things make sense. The shear amount of unrelated things probably means is nothing though.

Yes, process of elimination. I do that one the other way around it seems. I envy people who are confident enough to that "that one looks almost certain town to me". For some weird reason I trusted gogtrial ... kind of at least?

It doesn't feel normal. My first post today took me three hours. And now I might anger Pookina, if I post after "lights out". Oh, well.

yogsloth (4) - Microfish, JoeSapphire, dedoporno, FlockeSchnee
Microfish (1) - yogsloth

Not voted: Lifthrasil, JoeSapphire, dedoporno, Vitek, trentonlf, FlockeSchnee, yogsloth
Not voting: Vitek, trentonlf, FlockeSchnee, Lifthrasil

yogsloth is closest to lynch at L-1.
Eight players. It takes five to lynch.


All the guards in the room looked at Achmed sternly. Or rather, with some sort of killing intent. Achmed, bewildered and drunk with potions, let out a weak "what? Mind your own business!"

"We should put him in jail, your Highness!" Mohamed Salem said while facing the Queen. "He's an alchemist more than a guard! He knows how to poison a person!"

The Queen smiled. She really wanted to ditch this guard. Her thought of tossing him out of the room excited her. She couldn't even care less where he went, as long as he wasn't part of the guard. But she waited for the votes...

Abd-allah followed up. "I agree. What is his use anyway? He's a freaking apothecary!"

Faraam and Sagi held Achmed by the arms. "Wha'tha hell's up with all a' yous!?" He retorted, as if becoming a different person once learning of his fate. "I only sell mewares! Delicious drink'ds that cure an'heal! And ye tossin' me for a couple o'rats!? I live for tha' Queen, she helped so many times with her price raisin' and all that stuff, like hell I'd want 'er head!"

"Even if he was on our side, your Highness, he would sell his potions to the rebels." Sagi spoke, with Faraam nodding longwise.

"Well." The Queen spoke softly, with everyone shutting their mouths in turn. "The guards have spoken." She stood, before pointing with her hand at Achmed. "You're fired."

"Wha!? No way!"

"Be happy I didn't put you in jail. If you know what's good for you, you'd take your sorry asshole out of this room and never show your fucking face again! Aybak!"

The head of guards held Achmed out of the room, with the help of the two who held him. Despite his loud mouth, he was pretty frail and easy to move around. He eventually gave up after a couple of hallways separated him from Queen Hoda. But just before leaving, he had to...well, take off his guard uniform. And be screened for anything odd before leaving the Castle, never to step foot in it again.

It turned out, he had hundreds of potions. But not a single wild rose. It wasn't even part of any of his concoctions to begin with! Oh, and did you know his potions were mostly just sweet stuff thrown together? Not even medicine!

yogsloth, A.K.A. Achmed ibn Hamam, has been fired! He was Town Regular.


It is now Intrigue Phase 3 (Night 3). Please stop posting. The phase will end at approximately 9:45PM London Time (UTC+1), Sunday, July 12th. (Countdown)

yogsloth is allowed one bah post.
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dedoporno: And I'll use your words here - something that is niggling me about you is some sense of general disconnect with the game. I'm not sure how to explain that but you seem to stick on topics, people and situations that aren't what is currently the main focus and that looks a bit weird to me. I wouldn't call it scummy as it doesn't necessarily look like some sort of scum agenda in the works but it does weird me out. That's why I keep asking what people find so Towny about you. So that's my view of you currently. Not sure what others would answer to the question above.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
That getting hung up thing happened last game too. And then I got a total blockage. I kind of worked through it this game, but it's not working out right.
I'm starting to believe it has something to do with the fact, that I'm bad at the more complicated kinds of maths, well most of them, there were some exceptions.