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Always attach your logs when reporting bugs. You can find them at:
On Windows Vista or later: C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\Logs
On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\\Galaxy\Logs
On MacOSX: /Users/Shared/


Hi, everyone!

The Galaxy team is hard at work to bring you the Client application that will let you manage your games library more conveniently. We’d love for the initial release experience to be as smooth and streamlined as possible for everyone, but releasing an app of this scope is no easy feat.

But before we jump in and hand out the alpha Client, we’d like to set some ground rules.

1) The key word here is ‘alpha’, which means that this is not the final app and not all functionalities are present. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the core tech in the Client on a wider set of computer configurations than what we can locally test on, so only core features are included. Below I will post a detailed list of what is present and what we plan to add in future releases.

2) Alpha also means that you can encounter some unexpected issues. If you have a metered connection (a bandwidth cap or payments per bandwidth used) or you’re currently playing and can’t afford a loss of game time, this might not be for you. In other words, if you want to avoid potential problems with the alpha Client, simply wait for the final release.

3) Please, please, please refrain from posting screenshots, reviews or first impressions, both on our forums or elsewhere, as this is not the final product and many changes will still be made.

If you’ve read all of the above proceed to the signup page:

We will be sending out invitations in batches (along with some more info on how to install the client and report bugs), so not everyone will receive one right away.
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Hi everyone,

we've released the 0.7 version a couple of minutes ago, here's the changelog:

- Back/Forward navigation in the Store section
- Import Folder - it is now possible to import a game which is not compatible with the client, by clicking the game in the Library section and choosing ‘Import Folder’ from the More dropdown
- Startup page option - it is now possible to decide if the client should start on LIBRARY page, STORE page, or continue previous session
- Search option - you can press enter in the search field to continue searching in the Store
- Option to Show Game Folder added to MORE menu
- New sidebar sorting options (sort by name)
- External links will now be forwarded to the system browser
- Wishlist option added to the LIBRARY menu
- Community option in the STORE menu
- Forum Replies option in the ACCOUNT menu
- Option to keep saves, when uninstalling a game
- Windows: starting the client when another instance is already running should now open the running instance (rather than displaying error message)
- Improved ‘Last Played’ information, which should now show the time of the user stopped playing the game, rather than started playing the game
- Fixed uninstallation issues on Windows
- Fixed an issue which prevented using Paypal, when buying a game
- Fixed an issue which prevented from displaying Terms and Agreements when registering new account
- Fixed some issues when installing and uninstalling DLCs
- Bugfix: client will now not allow dragging elements onto its window
- Fixed memory leaks, causing to crash the application when downloading lots of games
- Fixed a bug which was causing the client to crash on exit
- Fixed an issue, which sometimes caused the client to duplicate the news on game view
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1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the "+" button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library, then click the More button and select "Manage" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.
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Aren't we supposed to be using the Issue Tracker with the link provided in the invite, to report the bugs and give feedback?
This may have been addressed or perhaps will be, but it would be nice to have a button to download the installer like we can from the website. The appeal of is to have access to installer on my own drive, and it would be wonderful if you could add a feature like that to the client.
Got a slight thing you should look up into. You've divided for example Disciples 2 Gold into two separate entites. But Dungeon Keeper Gold was not divided into DK and Deeper Dungeons, so it's not possible to play it through the client.

Overall I like the look of the client, thank God it has simple design, far from the monstrosity that is Uplay.
Guys, thanks for all the feedback. Please put specific bug reports to rather than here. Also thank you for all the feedback and kind words!

Akezhar: 3- It would be great if we had the possibility to install games on different hard drives and have the choice for each game.
For now you can change installation folder in the Client settings between installations

sraaju: 1. I'd love an easy "import game from..." option as I mentioned earlier.
2. Stylize or get rid of the ugly double slide bars on the side of my library. I noticed that your using IFrames so you have that option.
1. Please see this post:
2. Double sidebar is a bug when you set app window width a bit too small - it will be fixed. Also we will improve the bars later on on windows.

sraaju: 5. After importing a previously downloaded game (Beyond Divinity) and launching it I got an error message about resetting my configuration files and whatever option I chose I can't launch the game with an alert message "Unable to read configuration file- Existing.".
Please report to

GoCho: I want to manually change the folder for the game installation, I changed it to my games folder and create a GOG Folder in there. But after I click ok, it changes back to the default folder. Is this right? I was testing on my Mac, so don't know what about windows right now.
For now on Mac the only valid paths are /Applications/ and external drives. It’s explained so in the app settings. If you believe something does not work as it should please report it to

Serrith: Is there a bug reporting tool in galaxy ?
Automated bugs (like crashes, errors) are logged and sent to go anonymously (and you can disable this in app settings. For suggestions and especially for bug reports, please use

Serrith: I noticed a small problem, when i forced the language to English i noticed all the "extra's remained in french until i restarted the GOG client.
Known issue, we’ll fix it :)

Serrith: And yes please change the behaviour of the Installers folder, i thought it would keep all the installers so i didnt have to download them again. now its just a temporary folder and not even all games appear in that folder while installing (Alien vs Predator).
Games installed by the Client are not downloaded as standalone installers - they are downloaded in pre-installed format and then final installation scripts are launched to make sure the game registers whatever it has to register (installing redistributables, adding stuff to registry and whatnot). We do have an idea however how to make these folders backupable, in a way that you can compress them and then decompress and manually launch the script to make them working again.

However if you want to download “standalone installer” for the game and not “install” the game, please go to MORE -> EXTRA DOWNLOADS :)

Venom: - Import Folder - it is now possible to import a game which is not compatible with the client, by clicking the game in the Library section and choosing ‘Import Folder’ from the More dropdown
tfishell: I randomly happened across that and came here to say thanks. ;) Will there be an option to set the "default" folder so I don't have to go searching each time for GOG games? (Is that something I should request in Mantis?)
It’s tricky and risky to have a default folder for the manual import feature. If you’d input C:|Games| we really have no proof that installation in C:|Games|Witcher is really Witcher 1… maybe inside you have all three Witcher games (and if we’d detect it as Witcher 1, then we’d overwrite your 3 installations there with Witcher 1 installation). Which is why for some time the installers include Galaxy compatible manifests, to make sure they are detected.

pomstazlesa: am i the only getting the "essential components needs to start gog galaxy are missing. please reinstall the applocation." error?
Should not happen, report to please.

godofcookery: This may have been addressed or perhaps will be, but it would be nice to have a button to download the installer like we can from the website. The appeal of is to have access to installer on my own drive, and it would be wonderful if you could add a feature like that to the client.
Once you select a game click MORE -> EXTRA DOWNLOADS.

Prydeless: Aren't we supposed to be using the Issue Tracker with the link provided in the invite, to report the bugs and give feedback?
Issues, yes pretty please. Feedback - as you wish. I guess forums is easier for more people to chime in, we don’t mind as long as it stays readable. If it won’t, we’ll probably start asking people to move feedback there as well and keep the thread to general discussions only.
So when I download the installers, will they be kept up-to-date automatically too?
READ THIS IF YOU ARE GETTING "Essential components needs to start GOG Galaxy are missing. Please reinstall the applocation." ERROR

okey, so when i realised I installed the client in wrong location, I just moved it where I wanted it originally and tried to launch it from there. I was getting error at launch that essential parts were missing and I should reinstall the client. So I did, now with correct path. Still getting the error. okey, maybe he wants to be in program files x86. Still getting the error. I reinstalled it several times, and was still getting the error. I thought something was wrong with visual c++ 12 redist so I downloaded the one directly from microsoft, installed that one. still getting the error.
At this point i was getting a bit mad so i looked into where it was installed and noticed GalaxyClientService.exe. Hm, maybe service dont want to start. so i head to windows services and there it was, error 2, failed to read description, no service found, yada yada yada. but it was weird because there was another service, GalaxyCommunication which seemed to be fine. Since reinstalling didnt help, I went to registery and tried to edit it manually but suprise suprise, there was nothing for GalaxyClientService. so I exported GalaxyCommunication from register, opened it in my editor and changed every GalaxyCommunication to GalaxyClientService. I also noticed that it was reffering to the file in Program Data. When i looked there, i found out there was no GalaxyClientService.exe in there so I copied the one from directory where I installed the client. at last, i imported the changed registry for GalaxyClientService and FINALLY, finally working.
Hopefully, it will work for you as well if you are getting the same error.
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it would be great if you could specifiy a harddrive which is scanned for Games from GoG.
of course this would take time but atm i have 25-30 Games from GoG installed and most of the Games are not
installed in the last months but a little bit later.
So for now i have to add the games manually to add all of them to galaxy which is a little bit boring.
I think this would be a great thing if the whole Harddrive and Folders get scanned and the Games from GoG get added.

Either way, thanks for your hard work, and keep it up. ;)
ok, gog galaxy was desperately needed and my man this is the way to go, i installed the alpha and now have games in galaxy client which is cool...

How many Pc's can I use this for?

I can just import the old gpg download tiles to gog galaxy?

Better organisation...way cool, updates yay!
I installed it a month ago and installed a bucnh of games to see how it works and it was okay, but when I booted it up now to download some games, I can't seem to connect with my GOG account to see my library. It just says "An error has occurred"
- I was downloading Planescape Torment, I closed GOG Galaxy, I opened Galaxy again and logged in, there's Mark of the Ninja in download while Planescape Torment is queued. The downloader got priority wrong, it shouldn't be alphabetical order.

- There isn't a "keep me logged in" option?
I have many GoG installers downloaded, can I somehow add them to Galaxy?
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hmm, strange ... was Galaxy updated today?
when I installed Galaxy for the first time this morning - there was appearing empty white rectangle after installing game - now after restart of Galaxy it shows text - as a notification...
similar it was not showing download speed and downloaded MB ratio info down on the sidebar before restart...

edit: I found it's a bug related to the window size, when you change the size of the window, texts will appear after window refresh
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Dear GOG team, I made a lot of notes while installing the "GOG Galaxy alpha test" client and I'd like to present my findings here.

1. The installer isn't GOG-branded. Most of GOG's game installers share a theme, this is a default installer. You should invest in better presentation.

2. The EULA seems to be a default EULA and may need some work. Two examples (IANAL):
2a. It suggests that copying the program "acknowledges" agreement of the terms. Downloading the installer is technically the creation of at least one copy before the terms have been shown. That's confusing.
2b. It forbids adapting (portions of) the documentation or translating it. That seems to make it impossible to help other users by its strictest legal definition (since it would often do both).

3. There are several sudden popups for dependencies during installation. This may confuse people or disorient them. Try to prefer quiet/non-verbose/hidden installations of dependencies if at all possible.

4. Completing the installation suggests it requires restarting the computer entirely. There are two problems with this.
4a. Ignoring the "required" reboot and starting the GOG Galaxy launcher anyway worked perfectly fine for me - so why suggest a restart?
4b. It's 2015. I really, *really* shouldn't have to restart my computer anyway.

5. Upon starting the client, it is very easy to close the initial log-in dialog by accident. Moving this functionality to the [Continue Offline] and [X] buttons exclusively would probably make the client more easily understandable.

6. The default game install folder is "C:\GOG Games". This needs a lot of work. You should try to auto-determine where to install games.
6a. Many modern PCs have the OS (the C: drive) on a (relatively) small SSD, with a larger HDD for everything else. This would install directly on that SSD, which could be problematic. Perhaps scan the various (non-removable) HDDs and default to the drive with most free space.
6b. Many gamers (myself included) already have a "<drive>:\Games" folder. Perhaps scan the various drive for this folder and default to it (on the drive with most free space).
6c. Certain older games may still have trouble with paths that include spaces, and it is easily avoided.

7. The center content of the main interface does not scale well to larger desktops.

8. Clicking on Game to install it does not show its download size. Sometimes people don't have a lot of free time or a very fast connection, making this fairly essential.
8a. The ability to sort your games based on their install size would be very helpful for this.
8b. Possibly add an estimated download time if a baseline can be determined based on existing in-launcher client-server data connections.

9. Further sorting options would be nice to have, such as the game's original release date. (Combined with the other filter options, that makes it easy to find, for example, "an RPG from the 1990s".

10. When installing a game, a pop-up window with legalise appears. The window is entirely too tiny, and that goes doubly for the text within. Please increase the size of both.

11. After installing a game, a desktop icon is created automatically. I never want desktop icons, as I hate it when my desktop is clutterred. Some people feel differently about this. Control and choice are key.
11a. Please provide a global option to enable/disable desktop shortcuts.
11b. Possibly propmpt the user with installation options including shortcut creation.

12. The left-hand "installed games" panel needs more work in many areas.
12a. I shouldn't have to first click on a game, then wait for the main content panel to load before being able to click the [Play] button. I should be able to just double-click on a game to run it.
12b. Once a game is installed, there is no easy way to create a desktop shortcut again through the launcher.
12c. I should be able to right-click a game to get a menu with options, including the option to uninstall a game.

13. The center concent panel needs more work in many areas.
13a. (PERSONAL OPINION) Secondary executables (primarily editors, but also config applications or alternate modes, etc) should be accessible through [Play], not [More] - they are part of the game.
13b. Any of the [More] button's Manual and ReadMe options should be bundled up into a Documentation submenu option to make the menu less clutterred.
13c. Both [Play] and [More] should add simple icons to more easily identify what each of the options does without having to read all items first.
I'd like to suggest the following four icons: Play (joystick), Configure (cog/tool), Documentation (paper), and Support (question mark)

14. The "Import Folders" functionality is very cool, but it probably should have informed me of this as part of the post-installation procedure instead of letting me find it on my own.

15. Downloads and bandwidth management.
15a. As the number of items in your list goes up, finding out what's going on becomes problematic quickly. We really need a "downloads" tab so we can see what's going on, and have control over it.
15b. Not everyone has uncapped fiber. The client desperately needs bandwidth limiting options.
Destro: Double sidebar is a bug when you set app window width a bit too small - it will be fixed.
Thanks mate! That bug was stopping me using the alpha. Never occured to me I'd have to have the client taking up so much of my screen to get rid of the superfluous scroll bar.

Here's hoping when galaxy finally launches for reals it will be able to dynamically rezise a LOT smaller than it can now. Clients are awesome for a lot of reasons, but I don't think anyone needs a Desktop Client that needs to take up well over half a 1080p monitor in order to function properly. I feel for those on smaller resolutions!

I'd be far happier if I could access most of what I would use the client for with a few simple contest menus that come from a right click on the system tray Icon! I'd be glad for something simillar to Steam's "Small mode".

To contradict that, a "Big Screen" mode would also be very handy for Couch players and Gamepad users.
Hey. I remember i signed up for the alpha when you were giving out AvP Classic 2000. Do I get a key as well or was that just for AvP Classic 2000?

If not... Can I have one? I'm really itching to try it out. :)