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Please use: and include
1. steps to reproduce the bug (if possible)
2. screenshot or movie showing the bug (if possible)
3. Galaxy Client logs (see below)

Where can I find Galaxy logs on my computer?
On Windows 7 or later: C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\Logs
On Mac OS X: /Users/Shared/


Please use: For feature suggestions and votes on them please try do explain how Galaxy and its users will really benefit from it.


1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the Galaxy logo button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library (click on the image of the game), then click the More button and select "Manage Installation" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.

- throttling max download speed is not yet possible
- notifications related to incoming chat messages and friend requests does not always disappear instantly when consumed and may require reloading Store page
- games imported from existing installations will auto-update once, even if updating is disabled
- Moving Galaxy from /Applications on Mac OS X will stop the app from working
- Galaxy cannot be launched by other users on the same computer
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Hi Everyone,

Below you can find the changelog of GOG Galaxy.

Changelog 1.1.15 (September 7th, 2016):
Changes / Improvements:
• Added Wallet button in dropdown menu under user's avatar
• Performance improvements on UI speed and a little on CPU usage
• Enabled copying text in Galaxy forums
• History will now remember only the 100 most recent pages in history
• Fix for "Disk access problem" bug, which broke installation and updates of games. (Bug happened on Windows only, but general mechanism is better on OS X as well)
• Fix for Verify/Repair, which did not work in some scenarios (The above bug for example)
• Fix for "Server problem" while downloading backup installers or other goodies. They will now work, even if temporary download folder is same as destination folder
• Fixed situations in which Store page sometimes did not load properly after waking up computer

Changelog 1.1.16 (September 19th, 2016):
• Galaxy now supports H.264 codecs
• Much better handling of paying using third party processors (PayPal, paysafecard etc.)
• Friends and chat window now scale with the system scaling factor
• New and prettier GOG Eula will be used in games
• Better handling of loading timeouts

• "INSTALLED" label will appear all pages of the library now
• Fixed a bug with game time tracking for some games. Galaxy will now register more than one minute:)
• Fixed a bug in which Galaxy in rare cases could not be able to update the game (bug rather existed in rollbacks)
• Galaxy will no longer show a little bit of bare code upon launching
• Fixed blurred images in sidebar expanded list mode

Changelog 1.1.17(hotfix September 20th, 2016):
• Fixed crashes and 'Disk Access Problem' caused by updating Galaxy from 1.1.12 (and earlier versions) to 1.1.16

Changelog 1.1.18 (October 19th, 2016):
• More accurate game time tracking mechanism
• Improved mechanism showing current online status between friends

• Fixed a bug which caused Galaxy to stop tracking game time

Changelog 1.1.19 (October 25th, 2016):
• We have removed download size from Galaxy updater. It showed faulty data, as Galaxy Updater doesn't download > 100mb each time and only downloads differences. It will come back in nearest future, when it will show correct data:)
• The first check for game updates will be done 15s after Galaxy starts, instead of 5 minutes.
• OSX: Improved mechanism responsible for removing old files left by Galaxy updates
• OSX: Improved the way Galaxy handles installing games into protected locations like /Applications; you will receive a password prompt about a "Helper tool" installation

• Fixed "Essential components missing" error which sometimes appeared after fresh installation
• Fixed a situation where failure in Updater could lead to Galaxy not being able to launch
• Fixed self-update on OSX to properly delete leftover files
• Fixed friends window losing functionality after network loss and reconnect
• Fixed blurry Windows 10 Galaxy tray icon
• Galaxy will remember maximised window status

Changelog 1.1.20(November 2nd, 2016)
• Fixed installing XNA4 and other msi-based dependencies.
• Store page won't be reloaded twice upon logging in

Changelog: 1.1.21 (November 17th, 2016)
Improvements / changes:
• Added "with preview updates" suffix to Galaxy window title
• Small optimizations with memory and Galaxy loading time
• Small improvements with updater, it should fail less

• Fixed a bug with Galaxy refreshing pages
• Fixed occasional crashes

Changelog 1.1.22 (November 22nd, 2016)
• Galaxy will no longer freeze when downloading a game update and checking another game in library
• Galaxy should crash even less now:)

Changelog 1.1.23 (November 28th, 2016)
• Galaxy will be now able to reconnect to internet correctly, if computer was put to sleep and then woken up without (initially) Internet connection
• Downloading of games/updates should have less impact on starting other installations

Changelog 1.1.24(December 6th, 2016)
• Downloading an installer with Galaxy and using it to install the game should not result in redownloading the whole game again
• Updater should no longer report over 100% progress on download

• Increased timeout for failures during sign in
• Increased timeout for "Loading Timeout"

Changelog 1.1.25 (December 20th, 2016)
• Fixed a crash when trying to install certain games (Game affected was 1979 Revolution: Black Friday).

Changelog 1.1.26 (December 23rd, 2016, Preview only)
• Introduced new downloading mechanism

Changelog 1.1.27 (January 26th, 2017, Preview)
• Aborting or pausing downloads will be smoother (They will stop faster)
• Pausing downloads will no longer cause memory usage to go super high

Changelog 1.1.27 (January 31th, 2017)
• Introduced new downloading mechanism
• Aborting or pausing downloads will be smoother (They will stop faster)
• Pausing downloads will no longer cause memory usage to go super high

Changelog 1.1.28 (March 10th, 2017)
Changes / Improvements:
- Better support for differential patches. They are now seperate depending on game's language and system bitness
- Italian & Japanese partial support + more Spanish translations
- Improved checking for new available updates of the games
- We'll sort available DLCs alphabetically
- Fixed a crash when Galaxy doesn't have permissions to the logs directory
- Fixed showing empty grey page after a while of inactivity
- Fixed infinite spinner after going to support page
- Fixed displaying of prices in cart when they were over 999 (Bug caused by a comma in the price)
- MacOS: Popup windows (for example chat) will no longer open as a tab but as a separate window instead
- MacOS: Fixed memory leak (~30MB upon GOG Galaxy launch)
- MacOS: Fixed memory leak while playing a game

Changelog 1.1.29 (March 14nd, 2017)
- Changes in downloading mechanism, which allows for better control over download's flow
- Fixed displaying progress of differential patches (It did not display the "Extracting" status)

Changelog 1.1.30 (March 16th, 2017)
- Fixed a crash within games downloading mechanism


Go to your Galaxy settings and check the option to receive preview updates.

- Uninstall Galaxy
- Download current installer from
- Install Galaxy
- Import your games

Changelog 1.2.0 (March 22nd, 2017)
Changes and improvements:
- Cloud saves backup and syncing (supported games only)
- Screenshot capture with F12 (supported games only)
- In-game overlay with FPS counter and notifications (supported games only)
- Greatly improved chat, also in overlay
- Ability to enable or disable achievements, game time tracking, auto-updating games and more
- Desktop and in-game notifications system
- Ability to set bandwidth limit and scheduler
- New settings window
- Rarity information in achievements
- Abort button next to installation status
- Only one Galaxy Updater window will be shown in most cases
- GOG Galaxy updates will be downloaded in the background
- Games are now downloaded directly to their install directory, instead of a temporary location
- Galaxy changelog is displayed in Galaxy

- Fixed game time tracking issues
- Initial size of Galaxy Client window will respect Windows scaling
- Improved Windows 10 Galaxy tray icon
- Fixed a bug which caused Galaxy to redownload whole data in case of a failure of installation/update
- Thumbnail highlighting in media gallery now works properly
- Decreased client's network and CPU usage (especially for a lot of games)
- MacOS: Fixed situation when Galaxy Client could downloading due to App Nap
- MacOS: Fixed crash when logging out with "New post" popup open
- MacOS: Fixed game processes not being properly cleaned up after exiting
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For everyone who has a problem with missing api-ms-crt dlls in Client's versions post 1.1.5:
Please install one of those windows update:
You may need to update Windows to meet the requirements for these:
For Windows 8.1 and for Windows Server 2012:
For Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2:

You can also try reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 2015 (x86) if you meet above requirements.
Available here:

If above instructions doesn't work for you, create a separate issue on and we'll try to help you individually.

Please note that this solution only helps with the missing api-ms-crt dlls.


Answering this question: Why 1.1 doesn't work after updating to 1.2?

This is happening probably due to incompatible database from version 1.2, please delete this folder:

Then you'll have to use scan&import (menu under the top Galaxy logo) function to see your games back in Galaxy Client.
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Is just me or the gog galaxy overlay decrease performance in games?
Rickett: Is just me or the gog galaxy overlay decrease performance in games?
I experienced the same. With new Galax everything is slower.
BKGaming: Yea semantics really don't matter here, giving users choice is always the way to go...
That is so true and given that GOG's policy (according to themselves) is all about making everything optional and let the user chose GOG will have to change this.
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DAMN, gog's been working on some SERIOUSLY next gen technology!
Now Galaxy can even see into the future and tell me which achievements I'm about to unlock.
skeletonbow: +1 to that! There's strength in numbers, hopefully they listen because this sucks and makes it useless for downloading if the current setup is unusable for someone.
I hope so too... and cause this is not, I hope, such a modification so it would be hard to change it. Still - it would be also nice to clearly point it out in change log or something, so everyone will know that their usual settings changed in that regard.
fronzelneekburm: DAMN, gog's been working on some SERIOUSLY next gen technology!
Now Galaxy can even see into the future and tell me which achievements I'm about to unlock.
Hi all, I am having problems with GOG Galaxy simply refusing to run. It gives me an error (the screenshot of error is attached). I have also filed a bug report with the Mantis GOG website, more information can be found there under ticket 0004906. I am at my wits' end with regard to trying to get the GOG Galaxy client running again.

There's something wrong with how Galaxy handles the icons that show up on the installed library of games on the right, which is unfortunately random in nature and not 100% step by step reproducible. My installed library had icons showing for all of the games and I manually installed Banished via the standalone installer and it registered itself with Galaxy successfully. Inside the running Galaxy however when this happened, the icon for Shadow Warrior (2013) DX11 disappeared and wouldn't come back on its own. Exiting Galaxy and restarting it did not bring the icon back so I tried the right-click menu and hovering over "Verify and repair" as it worked for some games last week. No go though.

Finally, I clicked on a game on the library and brought its page up, then clicked on Shadow Warrior's entry and its page came up and when it did, the icon restored itself.

So there are definitely some wonky behaviours with how Galaxy acquires and caches the icons for installed games happening, where it is not finding an icon randomly at times and then randomly restoring it maybe possibly at other times. I have not yet filed a bug report for this because at this point in time it's one of those hand-wavey WTF type bugs that is both nebulous and ephemeral in nature, otherwise known as... The Useless Bug Report(TM). :)
skeletonbow: (snip)
Could you include logs in your bug report?
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Johny.: Could you include logs in your bug report?
Hi Johny,

Ok, I attached the current logs although they're on the large size with a lot of noise likely. I flushed the logs so if it happens again hopefully they'll be smaller and easy to spot anything.
On a very cool note that potentially shows much promise for future Galaxy client updates, I just got the current 1.2.2beta client overlay to work with the very old Star Wars X-Wing Alliance, by enabling the overlay manually along with the "category":"game" fix:

I tried to use the F12 screenshot feature but that did not work, but the Windows PrintScreen key happened to work this time so screenshot attached in ultra high resolution glory. :)
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Calling Overlay on The Witcher: Enhanced Edition breaks mouse control.
MarkoH01: Calling Overlay on The Witcher: Enhanced Edition breaks mouse control.
Thanks, I've added it to the overlay tracker thread:
Please add an option to switch the time on the overlay between a 24 hour and 12 hour clock.
I notice sometimes when I load gog galaxy, some games on the left side of the screen don't load their images. If I click the game then it loads the images.
BKGaming: Please add an option to switch the time on the overlay between a 24 hour and 12 hour clock.
Yes, and default it to using the operating system's default i18n settings so it is region-sensible by default.

ralphunreal: I notice sometimes when I load gog galaxy, some games on the left side of the screen don't load their images. If I click the game then it loads the images.
Yeah, this is happening for lots of people now, you can add yourself to the bug report I filed and attach your logs etc. if you like, it may help them track the problem down and fix it:
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