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GoG Weekly - Blood Bowl League Season 7!


Previous league results:
>> click seasons name for list of players and contact info

<span class="podkreslenie">Season 1:</span>
Winner: DinoSaurus / Lizardmen / Rodzaju
Runner-up: We are not fluffy birds / Human / kanarek

<span class="podkreslenie">Season 2:</span>
Winner: Red Lantern / Dwarf / Aningan
Runner-up: Nagarythe Decadence / Dark elf / E_A

<span class="podkreslenie">Season 3:</span>
Winner: Hamburg Hammerfists / Dwarf / HannoB
Runner-up: Nagarythe Decadence / Dark Elf / E_A

<span class="podkreslenie">Season 4:</span>
Winner: Amaz'n Craze / Amazon / Psyringe
Runner-up: Cheezemongerz / Skaven / Piranjade

<span class="podkreslenie">Season 5:</span>
Winner: Jollys Liedeeler next gen / orc / Jolly
Runner-up: Wheel of Terror / Dark Elf / Arnob

Season 6:
Winner: Get Hurt Kickers / Elf / Cheongzewei
Runner-up: Cutters / Norse / E_A

Season 7:


Stuff to know:

1.) Admins: iippo, Piranjade & Zeta.

2.) Moderators: Rcthedigitalhero & Psyringe.

3.) GOG Open Access League's admin: Rodzaju.

4.) We will have fixed match day interval of one week >>> most likely some people are going to miss matches for RL reasons - but I believe this to be the lesser evil and it will keep things rolling on.

5.) The matchday change is tuesday 23:59 GMT +2

6. ) Act promptly - Contact your opponent as soon as the matchday changes and settle the match day OR inform him/her if you know before hand that you wont be able to play that match.

7.) Be tactful - You will be fouled, your favorite player is going to die, youre going to roll three red block skulls three times in row and the thrower wont be able to pass the ball one square - accept this before starting to play. It will happen.

8.) Fairplay Blood Bowl sense that is... No greaving over dead players and "force-retired" teams, its part of the sport :)

9.) Although its not necessary to join GoG Blood Bowl group in Steam, it is recommended. <span class="bold">Link</span>

10.) xxxx

11.) Profit => Have fun playing the game!


!! UPDATE !!

League name: 'Gog Weekly'
Owner: 'iipp0'
password: 'havefun'

Mode: Cup
Nro teams: 20
Divisions: 2
Rounds: 9 + playoffs (top4 from both divisions)

Scoring system:

Win = 3 points
Draw = 1 point to both
Lose = 0


Disconnections & no-show

1. In case one of the players gets disconnected and the game cannot be continued:
Rematch is encouraged. Having decided on rematch time, the players inform league admins to reset the match score. If a rematch cannot be arranged in time, the autowin result will stand.

2. Opponent doesnt show up on agreed time:
If the match cannot be scheduled on another time, the admins will set the score manually 1-0 for the player that showed up originally. Unfortunately this counts mvp and tournament money as autowin. Thank you Cyanide.

3.Opponent cannot be contacted to arrange the match in the first place:
1-0 admin adjusted win for the one player who cannot contact his opponent in time and lets the admins know about this in advance. Posting on the forum if you cannot contact your opponent in about 4 days time is encouraged. Missing multiple matches without giving the admins valid reason may lead to kicking off the tournament -> admin discreation.

4. Both players "disappear":
0-0 admin adjusted draw.

5. Match freezes and cannot be continued
This is considered Cyanides "feature" which is not caused by either player. Players are to quit the match and inform admins/moderators of what happened and the match will be reset for replay. In freeze cases the possible autowin result does NOT stand. If players cannot agree on new match time, 0-0 draw will be set by admin/mod. If one player is no-show on agreed upon rematch time, normal no-show rules are followed.

6. Not being able to play in playoffs:
Playoffs are special. If the person knows that he/she will not be able to participate, they will be swapped for the closes team that didnt make it to playoffs (usually 5th). If two or more teams have equal number of league points admins shall consult

If player cannot play or is no-show during the playoffs, regular rules apply.

*Autowin = Winner gets the losing teams mvp + prize money, loser gets nothing. This is set by Cyanide and unfortunately cannot be edited at all.


Reserve player list: Season 6

Contact any of the admins to be added to the reserve players list. If a player drops from the league mid-season, those on the list will be contacted and the first one to reply will be chosen as replacement player.


Open league for directly challenging other GoGers,:

League name: 'GOG Open Access League'
Owner: 'Rodzaju'
password: 'GOGOAL'

>> Play as often as you wish, any time you and your vic....opponent's have time :)


Optional TeamSpeak3 -server for the league:

PW: wkgaming
Channel: GoG Blood Bowl League
Channel Pw: 'havefun'

Thank you NoHit!


Match replays

Please send your match replay (players agree which one sends) >>> HERE
and we will collect them to official Season folder below.

The replay is saved automatically and the directory is something like: xxx\user_name\Documents\bloodbowlchaos\saves\replays

Please change the file name to format:
'Weekly_S5_Gy_Rxx_playername-playername' -> y=group nro and xx=round nro (ie "04" etc).

For playoffs, semifinals and finals:
'Weekly_S5_PO_Rxx_playername-playername' -> xx round from 01->03


Replay folders:

Season 7
Season 6
Season 5
Season 4
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1

"Free-For-All temp folder" - anyone can upload anything league related here.


League prize pool & donation info:
Link / Contact Psyringe.
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Some extra resources:

The actual Blood Bowl rules

[url= ]Starplayers[/url]

Not all in computer version though.

Teams / strategies:

Racial playbooks:

Blood Bowl tactics and 'stuff'

Even more Blood Bowl tactics and 'stuff'

Team W/L statistics:

Hate reading? Some videos:

The Basics of Blood Bowl (TotalHalibut)

Splodge - The TGS Blood Bowl Show - Week 1
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The admins have convened and have determined a few important moves that are to be addressed in the following post:

-League Status/Resets


Playoffs will remain as they were in the previous season, a cross-divisional affair. This means that the matchups will be the following.

Division 1 1st seed vs. Division 2 4th seed
Division 1 2nd seed vs. Division 2 3rd seed
Division 1 3rd seed vs. Division 2 2nd seed
Division 1 4th seed vs. Division 2 1st seed

Subsequent rounds will keep as close as possible to an even distribution of division 1 vs. division 2 matches as possible.

Over the last few weeks, there has been much talk over the status of the league and what Season 4 might bring for the players of this league in terms of resetting.

Upon meeting, the admins believed it was time to introduce some more structure into the league. After 3 seasons, the league is robust, garnering many participants and is stable.

Despite the larger number of departures this season, many of them were filled by interested and willing participants. Additionally, we all know that real life happens, which is what dictated many of our departures, so we just need to recognize that sometimes Nuffle gets us harder in real life than the game.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the new format of the GOG WEEKLY Blood Bowl League.

Effective at the close of Season 3's postseason, the new format will take effect. We are going to run this for one cycle to determine how well it works, but for now, this is the plan.

Season 4 has been determined to be a RESET SEASON. This is effective for every third season moving forward. In reset seasons, every player in the league will be REQUIRED to run a brand new team for the season. No team from any previous season is eligible to return in these seasons only.

Season 5 is a season where we plan on doing something a little different. Returning teams are eligible to return in this season from ANY previous season, however in this season, we will be doing our best to divide the teams into TV-based divisions, with TV tiers determining how possible this is at that time. These seasons are called TIER SEASONS.

Season 6 is what we affectionately dub OPEN SEASON. This season will function much like Seasons 2 and 3, where returners will be grouped as equally across divisions as possible, but newbs and vets will share the same divisions as each other in an OPEN SEASON.

The plan is that this carries across in cycles, so Season 7 would be a RESET, Season 8 a TIER, Season 9 OPEN, etc.

Also, as a final change to league formats, we are reducing the number of players in the league. There is now a cap of 20 players in the league, with an absolute hard cap of 24.

We decided to implement these changes to inject some fresh blood and ideas into the league while giving it some more structure.

As a panel, we know that there's no way to please everybody all the time. We understand the concerns and needs of old-timers, returners and newbies, however we try our best and always welcome your input.
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Piranjade: I'm in!
This time with an Underworld team!

Would it be possible to use an interval of two weeks? Or would that be too long? I'm just asking because with a one week interval I think it could be very easy to miss two matches in a row. (Which would be sad.)
Well, if ill set it the way majority wants - but the league calender does show all of your upcoming opponents, so its not impossible to book as many matches as you want. Depending on the opponent ofcourse :)

Anyhow, if I set it for 2 weeks and you happen to miss that one for one reason or another (get sick in the last minute etc), then your going to miss four weeks without playing...

What I am hoping is that one week would put a bit pressure on people to actually put some day on their matches as soon as possible - instead of first waiting for one week "because there's no rush" and then panicking couple days before deadline...

Anyway, I would be too concerned if you miss a game or two every now and then, as one week cycle would allow twice as many of them as a 2-week cycle.

Nothings set on stone yet, so please, everybody - do speak up your minds.
Chalk me up
Count me in.
Links for all players if you need to prod / pm...

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League has been created, feel free to apply!

League name: 'Gog Weekly'
Owner: 'iipp0'
password: 'havefun'

Mode: Championship
Nro teams: As many as we get
Divisions: 1
Double round-robin -> everyone plays twice against each other.
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In, do we use this topic from now on or the old one?
DodoGeo: In, do we use this topic from now on or the old one?
I believe it would be more clear, if we hop on to new topic. We are "clearing the slate" again so to speak. I put link to this one at the bottom of both older threads, so if anyone finds them instead, they should find this one as well.
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The first team, that is my own 'The Ale House Elves' are now in the league. As everyone naturally guessed, this is Norse team. Yarr!
I'm in. Thanks for the info.

I think one round per week is just right. With two weeks it will take ages to finish season. (eight players, thats 8 matches * 14 days..).
kanarek: I'm in. Thanks for the info.

I think one round per week is just right. With two weeks it will take ages to finish season. (eight players, thats 8 matches * 14 days..).
I am not certain how many teams we are going to get this time.. We'll wait a bit see how many turn up. But please DO spread the word if you happen to know good victims...

Anyways, I am hoping people will not stress much about winning or losing - but rather just start playing the damn games and have fun. I chose the glass-jaw Norse this time around, so I might selfdestruct in any given game. But then again - so what, you'll get free replacement players anyway. Also in the end Nuffle's dice are unknown to everyone ;)
Wouldn't mind being in, need to reinstall Bloodbowl. Got Legendary edition.
Will probably roll up an Orc team. Yeah why not.
Post edited February 26, 2013 by Luisfius
I applied as the Blackrock Berserkers, a Chaos Dwarf team.

Couldn't think of clever player names yet though :(