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The fifteenth of a series of small giveaways I will be running (see ).

It is for 7 copies of Return to Monkey Island.

Anyone may enter but please note that if you win, you will not be eligible to enter my next two mini-giveaways. This is to ensure people only enter for games they really want.

Winners of Mini-giveaway number 12 are now eligible to enter again.

This will be the last mini-giveaway until after Christmas.

Post below if you are in.

*** NOW CLOSED ***
Post edited December 11, 2022 by Doc0075
Good day to everyone. i am in for the Monkey İsland.
I would like to be in for this giveaway. Thanks for the chance Doc. Good luck everyone.
Greetings! I'd like to join this time. Thanks Doc for your generosity!

Good luck to everyone :)
I'm in this adventure :)
Bonne chance to everyone!
I'd like to be in as well. Thank you, Doc!
Thanks for the chance, Doc.

I'm in.
Thanks for the giveaway. I'm in.
Hi, I'm in please.

Thanks for the opportunity! :)
Hi, I'm in

You are so generous, wow!

I'll try my luck. I'm in. :)
Post edited December 07, 2022 by Leroux
Look behind you, a three headed monkey!

I would like to be in, please! ^_^

Thank you Doc for the chance and good luck to everyone! ^_^
I'm in like a fox in a trashcan. Thanks for the GA!
Not in, never played any of the Monkey Island games before so kinda pointless to enter. That makes it 2/15 try in the series as I enter only games that I really interested in.

And my winless streak in GOG code raffle is extended to around 2 years, last time I won anything is in 2020 perhaps :)
In the tradition started by mrkgnao
I will write my entry as poem now
Eager to see how the latest game
Of the Monkey Island name
Compares to the games that before it came
And deservedly achieved fame.
I thank you, kind Doc, for the chance to win
and conclude with the words:
I'm in!