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I'm totally in! Thank you Doc!
A blessing to those in,
Mazeltov, Mazeltov,
A cherished game to win,
Mazeltov, Mazeltov,
And such a precious one,
Not in be almost none;
Return to Monkey Island!

A worthy game it be,
Mazeltov, Mazeltov,
Of famous pedigree,
Mazeltov, Mazeltov,
The last of giveaways,
Ahead of holidays;
Return to Monkey Island!
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What a lovely game to end on for now! I've won too many big games from you recently, including Shadow of War in this same series, but I couldn't pass this one up.

I'd like to be in for Return to Monkey Island!
Oh Mon Key! I want to be a pirate!

I mean count me in. And big thanks, Doc!
Abstaining from this one with a heavy heart and with my last bit of self constraint as i'm a sucker for point & clicks and love the Monkey Island Series ^^ (did want to skip at least 5 installments of the Mini Giveaway so others get the chance to win as well ^^).

Good luck to all the entrants and a lot of fun with the game for the winners!
I'd also like to be in for some monkey business.

Thank you for your generosity, Doc!
This is so generous! I'd love to Return to Monkey Island, I'm in.
Already on number 15, amazing!

I'm in for this one, thanks Doc!
A splendid offering! But not for me. Thanks anyway, you're awesome as ever!
Thank you for the giveaway,

I'm in
I really liked the first four Monkey Island games (didn't have a chance to play Tales). And as for this - I've heard both good and bad things. So, I'm in, as I could play and learn for myself.
The Monkey Island games are among my favourites too. I'm not eligible for this one so I'm not in, but I want to thank Doc for the giveaway, and wish everyone luck!
I'm in. I love the monkey Island games
Thanks to amazing gifter Doc for this GA`s!
I`m in.
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